15 Movie Quotes about Smoking

15 Movie Quotes about Smoking

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No Tobacco Day, yay!

Smoking is just a bad habit  and we all know it’s bad for you and your health (and the people who surround you). Then why do actors smoke in a lot of movies to make them look 'tough' and 'cool'? When actors smoke in movies, they make smoking look cool and increase the likelihood that kids will start smoking or leading ex-smokers to reach for a pack of cigarettes again. But still, smoking is being glamorized in media and pop culture in general because of course, it serves the increasingly desperate needs of the tobacco industry.

From the movie: Carol

“Just when it can't get any worse, you run out of cigarettes.”

Cate Blanchett - Carol Aird

From the movie: Hillbilly Elegy

“I don’t give a rat fart what you’re smoking kid. If you think you’re hiding it honey you’re dumb as a bag of hair.”

Glenn Close - Mamaw

From the movie: Wild Strawberries

“There should be a law forbidding women to smoke.”

Victor Sjöström - Dr. Eberhard Isak Borg

From the movie: Queen of the Desert

“My cigar was finished. That's the end of the world.”

Christopher Fulford - Winston Churchill

From the movie: Gilda

“Only frustrated people smoke too much and only lonely people are frustrated.”

Steven Geray - Uncle Pio

From the movie: Yesterday

“- Jack Malik: It's times like this I wish I hadn't given up smoking. I could murder a cigarette.
- Rocky: Yeah. What's a cigarette?”

Himesh Patel - Jack Malik
Joel Fry - Rocky

From the movie: Green Book

“- Dr. Donald Shirley: Could you put out the cigarette, please?
- Tony Lip: Why?
- Dr. Donald Shirley: I can't breathe back here.
- Tony Lip: What are you talkin' about? Smoke's going down my lungs. I'm doin' all the work here.”

Mahershala Ali - Dr. Donald Shirley
Viggo Mortensen - Tony Lip

From the movie: The Newton Boys

“- Louise Brown: I thought you said you didn't smoke.
- Willis Newton: I didn't say I didn't smoke, I said it's a waste of time.”

Julianna Margulies - Louise Brown
Matthew McConaughey - Willis Newton

From the movie: Good Luck Chuck

“I roll joints in pages from philosophers' books. It's like smoking their thoughts.”

after quoting Nietzsche

Lonny Ross - Joe

From the movie: Whale Rider

“- Paikea: Maori women have got to stop smoking. We've got to protect our childbearing properties.
- Maka: You'd have to be smoking in a pretty funny place to wreck your childbearing properties.”

Keisha Castle-Hughes - Paikea
Mabel Wharekawa - Maka

From the movie: Fargo

“It's proven that second-hand smoke is carcin... you know, cancer related.”

Steve Buscemi - Carl Showalter

From the movie: A Bigger Splash

“- Penelope Lanier: Do you want some?
- Paul De Smedt: No, I don't smoke.
- Penelope Lanier: That doesn't mean you don't want some.”

Dakota Johnson - Penelope Lanier
Matthias Schoenaerts - Paul De Smedt

From the movie: High Strung

“Smokers. There's no excuse for smoking. Smoking is the equivalent to carrying around a salt lick, laced with a little bit of cyanide.”

Steve Oedekerk - Thane Furrows

From the movie: The English Patient

“- Almásy: Could I have a cigarette?
- Hana: Are you crazy?
- Almásy: Why... why are you so determined to keep me alive?
- Hana: Because I'm a nurse.”

Ralph Fiennes - Almásy
Juliette Binoche - Hana

From the movie: Doomsday

“- Eden Sinclair: You got a cigarette?
- Bill Nelson: When are you going to buy your own? Do you know how much these things cost?
- Eden Sinclair: Why do you think I smoke yours?”

Rhona Mitra - Eden Sinclair
Bob Hoskins - Bill Nelson

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