15 Movie Quotes about Wealth

15 Movie Quotes about Wealth

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Money doesn't grow on trees

I'm sure a lot of you when you were kids were hearing this over and over again from your parents when you asked them to buy you that new toy. But think about it. If money really grew on trees, it would be a big disaster called inflation. Rich people didn't just plant a money tree. They worked hard for it (new money) or sometimes they inherited the wealth from their parents or grandparents (old money). The key difference is that old money recipients usually must protect the family’s wealth to pass on to future generations so they stick to their traditional investments and ways of life. Self-made millionaires need to learn how to manage all that money. Check out our best movie quotes about wealth to get motivated and start making cash.

From the movie: Parasite

“- Ki-taek: They are rich but still nice.
- Chung-sook, Ki-taek's wife: They are nice because they are rich.”

Kang-ho Song - Kim Ki-taek
Hye-jin Jang - Kim Chung-sook

From the TV Series: You

“The thing about getting money when you had none is you never really feel you have it.”

Ed Speleers - Rhys

From the TV Series: Andor

“I know it's tasteless and cliché, but one of the indulgences of great wealth is freedom from other people's opinions.”

Richard Dillane - Davo Sculdun

From the TV Series: Squid Game

“If you have too much money, it doesn’t matter what you buy, eat or drink. Eventually, everything gets boring. ”

Oh Yeong-su - Oh Il-nam

From the TV Series: 2 Broke Girls

“Giving in to feelings is for rich people! Regular people just have to get up, get drunk, and go fulfill their babysitting duties.”

Kat Dennings - Max Black

From the TV Series: 2 Broke Girls

“In private school, we never bent down to put our mouths on anything unless it had a yacht.”

Beth Behrs - Caroline Channing

From the movie: Crazy Rich Asians

“Rachel Chu-So your family is, like, rich?
Nick Young-We're comfortable.
Rachel Chu-That is exactly what a super-rich person would say.”

Henry Golding - Nick Young
Constance Wu - Rachel Chu

From the TV Series: Veronica Mars

“Sorry, sweetheart. You can't buy love. Bored wives of the wealthy, however, can.”

Enrico Colantoni - Keith Mars

From the movie: Death on the Nile

“Money is the only friend a woman can rely on.”

Annette Bening - Euphemia Bouc

From the TV Series: Narcos

“Money makes the world go ’round. Legal or illegal, good guys and bad guys, we all chase money. ”

Pedro Pascal - Javier Peña

From the TV Series: Narcos

“I am not a rich person. I am a poor person with money.”

Wagner Moura - Pablo Escobar

From the movie: House of Gucci

“Quality is for the rich.”

Al Pacino - Aldo Gucci

From the TV Series: House of Cards

“When the money’s coming your way, you don’t ask questions.”

Kevin Spacey - Francis Underwood

From the movie: The Beach Bum

“You know what I like the most about being rich? You can just be horrible to people and they just have to take it.”

Jonah Hill - Lewis

From the movie: Gigi

“- Madame Alvarez: How was Monte Carlo?
- Gaston Lachaille: It was a bore!
- Madame Alvarez: One has to be as rich as you are, Gaston, to be bored at Monte Carlo.”

Hermione Gingold - Madame Alvarez
Louis Jourdan - Gaston Lachaille