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Topher Grace
July 12, 1978
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Christopher Grace quotes
  • “- Victoria Lasseter: You're going to kill him for trying to leavetown?
    - Adrian Yates: That's a security breach. I'm just doing my job.
    - Victoria Lasseter: He's a human being.
    - Adrian Yates: They're assets.
    - Victoria Lasseter: He's an American citizen.
    - Adrian Yates: They're government property.
    - Victoria Lasseter: Are you actually fucking...” (continue)
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    Connie Britton - Victoria Lasseter
    Christopher Grace - Adrian Yates
  • “Do you really think you’re going to find a hidden message in a pop song?”
    Christopher Grace - Bar Buddy
    [Tag:music, mystery]
  • “Used to be - a hundred years ago - y'know, any moron could kinda wander into the woods and look behind a rock or some shit and discover some cool new thing, y'know? Not anymore. Where's the mystery that makes everything worthwhile? We crave mystery, 'cause there's none left.”
    Christopher Grace - Bar Buddy
    [Tag:mystery, seeking]
  • “- Ron Stallworth: Hello, this is Ron Stallworth calling. Who am I speaking with?
    - David Duke: This is David Duke.
    - Ron Stallworth: The Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, that David Duke?
    - David Duke: The last time I checked. What can I do you for?
    - Ron Stallworth: Well, since you asked, I hate niggers, I hate Jews. Spics and micks. Italians...” (continue)
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    John David Washington - Ron Stallworth
    Christopher Grace - David Duke
  • “- Adrian Yates: Uh, your girlfriend's here. Would you ever like to see her alive again?
    - Mike Howell: I don't know.
    - Adrian Yates: So if I just took out my gun and blew her fucking face off, you'd be cool with that?
    - Mike Howell: No, that wouldn't be cool. Is she really there with you?
    - Phoebe: Mikey? I'm sorry. But I'm the tree. I've been...” (continue)
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    Christopher Grace - Adrian yates
    Jesse Eisenberg - Mike Howell
    Kristen Stewart - Phoebe Larson
  • “- Carter: Dan, you seem to have the perfect marriage. How do you do it?
    - Dan: You just pick the right one to be in the foxhole with, and then when you're outside of the foxhole you keep your dick in your pants.
    - Carter: That's poetic.”

    Christopher Grace - Carter
    Dennis Quaid - Dan
    [Tag:marriage, sex]
  • - Adrian Yates: Where do you want to begin?
    - Mike Howell: [thinking, seeing flashbacks] Dustpan. Spoon. Noodles. Bear. Frying pan. Fire. Apollo Ape. "Marry Me". Where did it all begin? Okay, it started three days ago, in the town of Liman, West Virginia. It's where I lived with my girlfriend, Phoebe. She is the only good thing that's ever... (continue)
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    Christopher Grace - Adrian Yates
    Jesse Eisenberg - Mike Howell
  • “- Victoria Lasseter: You were made a temporary supervisor because you kissed the right asses.
    - Adrian Yates: Because I'm the right man for the job.
    - Victoria Lasseter: According to who? Daffy Duck?”

    Connie Britton - Victoria Lasseter
    Christopher Grace - Adrian Yates
  • “- Mike Smith: Hey, I never got to ask you. Why did you get into journalism?
    - Dan Rather: Curiosity.
    - Mike Smith: That's it?
    - Dan Rather: That's everything. Why did you get into?
    - Mike Smith: You.”

    Christopher Grace - Mike Smith
    Robert Redford - Dan Rather
  • “- Paul Shepherdson: When did they activate you?
    - Ben Geary: A yearago. I was to make the landscape safe for our new arrivals.
    - Paul Shepherdson: You cut the Senator's neck because you knew you were the expert who could convince the Americans it was Cassius who did it.
    - Ben Geary: An investigation would flush Cassius out. My orders are to...” (continue)
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    Richard Tiffany Gere - Paul Shepherdson
    Christopher Grace - Ben Geary
    [Tag:killing, order]
  • “- Otis: We lost two assets attempting to neutralize Wiseman-designate Howell.
    - Adrian Yates: How is that possible?
    - Otis: He was armed with a spoon, sir.”

    Michael Papajohn - Otis
    Christopher Grace - Adrian Yates
  • “Phoebe Selburg. She who'd rather suck some stoner's cock than turn herself in for debrief, is going to question my authorization? I've read your file. You have no secrets from me! Your boyfriend isn't real. We made him. Oh, I'm so sorry that some lab-rat made you cum a bunch of times in the back of a Taco Bell. Yeah, that's probably a good...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Christopher Grace - Adrian Yates
  • “- Edwin: We're on an alien hunting planet. You really think the solution is to walk more?
    - Royce: It wants us to run. That's how it hunts. This is its jungle. Its game. Its rules. We run, we die.
    - Isabelle: What's the alternative?
    - Royce: We need to know what we're dealing with. Dog tracks go that way. We go after it.”

    Christopher Grace - Edwin
    Adrien Brody - Royce
    Alice Braga - Isabelle
    [Tag:escape, survival]
  • “Never wound what you can't kill.”
    Christopher Grace - Venom
  • “- Cuchillo: Hey, I kill people for big money, a reason. You slaughtered thirty-six people for nothin'.
    - Stans: It's thirty-eight.
    - Edwin: Why?
    - Stans: Well, my lawyer said I was crazy.”

    Danny Trejo - Cuchillo
    Walton Goggins - Stans
    Christopher Grace - Edwin
    [Tag:killing, madness]
  • “- Cuchillo: Women pee, men piss.
    - Edwin: And what do you do?
    - Cuchillo: I unleash.”

    Danny Trejo - Cuchillo
    Christopher Grace - Edwin
  • “Do you even know that she has six different smiles? One when something just flat out makes her laugh. And one when she is laughing out of politeness. But there’s one when she makes plans. One when she makes fun of herself. One when she is uncomfortable. And one when... she's talking about her friends.”
    Christopher Grace - Pete Monash
  • “- Pete Monash: I cannot remember a time before you started telling that story.
    - Rosalee Futch: I was asked to provide a detailed explanation of the evening.
    - Pete Monash: And you did, Rosie, you really did. I really felt like I was there... sort of against my will.”

    Christopher Grace - Pete Monash
    Kate Bosworth - Rosalee Futch
  • “- Carter: I'm gonna have to let some people go.
    - Dan: Why do you say let them go? They don't want to go. Why don't you just say fire them?
    - Carter: Because it sounds better.
    - Dan: Not to the person getting fired.”

    Christopher Grace - Carter
    Dennis Quaid - Dan
    [Tag:job, unemployment]
  • “- Pete Monash: If he claims that he doesn't really like watchingsports, he's just trying to sleep with you.
    - Rosalee Futch: Got it.
    - Pete Monash: And if he claims to love animals, then he's just really trying to sleep with you. Guys are guys Rosie. Rich or poor. Famous or grocers. Just do me one favor ok? Guard your carnale treasure.”

    Christopher Grace - Pete Monash
    Kate Bosworth - Rosalee Futch
    [Tag:lies, men, sport]
  • “- Angelica: How much do you love her? Is it love, is it big love, or is it great love?
    - Pete Monash: What do you mean?
    - Angelica: Well, love you get over in two months, big love two years, and great love, well great love... changes your life.”

    Kathryn Hahn - Angelica
    Christopher Grace - Pete Monash
    [Tag:diversity, love, time]
  • “- Alex: You're kind of a bizarrely honest guy, huh?
    - Carter: No, just around you.”

    Scarlett Johansson - Alex
    Christopher Grace - Carter
    [Tag:flirting, honesty]
  • “I like being bad. It makes me happy.”
    Christopher Grace - Venom
  • “- Seth Abrahams: I want to have sex and then do a hit right as we're both cumming.
    - Caroline Wakefield: Ok.”

    Christopher Grace - Seth Abrahms
    Erika Christensen - Caroline Wakefield
  • “- Steckle: You're being groomed...
    - Carter: I'm being groomed! Mark, thank you, thank you. I'm going to kick so much ass for you, I'm going to take no prisoners, I'm going to be your ninja assassin!”

    Clark Gregg - Steckle
    Christopher Grace - Carter