15 Movie Quotes about School

15 Movie Quotes about School

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No brain, no gain

For most young people school is annoying and boring, with a lot of effort going towards attaining good grades. But remember kids, knowledge is power! With higher education, you can get a good job and lead a better life. Also by obtaining knowledge, a person is in a better position to help other people. Attending school gives you a chance to meet new people and make friendships that sometimes last many years or even lifetime. Socializing broadens your parameters of knowledge and helps you get in contact with the right people who could help you with your career. Check out our best movie quotes about school for more inspiration.

From the movie: Another Round

“Martin-You've got your students. They're gonna remember you forever.
Peter-They're gonna forget all about us the moment they're out the door.”

Mads Mikkelsen - Martin
Lars Ranthe - Peter

From the TV Series: Wednesday

“I’m not sure whose twisted idea it was to put hundreds of adolescents in underfunded schools run by people whose dreams were crushed years ago, but I admire the sadism.”

Jenna Ortega - Wednesday Addams

From the TV Series: Two and a Half Men

“Alan Harper-What are you praying for?
Jake Harper-I have a math test on Monday.
Alan Harper-Oh, so you're praying for a good grade?
Jake Harper-No, that never works. I'm praying for the teacher to get sick.

Jon Cryer - Alan Harper
Angus T. Jones - Jake Harper

From the TV Series: That '70s Show

“Failing classes is not the only way to get attention from your parents. A lot of girls, when they're having a bad time at home, just go slutty.”

Christopher Grace - Eric Forman

From the TV Series: That '70s Show

“School spirit is for losers man. You're just like floating along on the conveyer belt of conformity... pep rallies, extra curricular activities, washing your hair... It's all just a trap, man.”

Danny Masterson - Steven Hyde

From the TV Series: That '70s Show

“These after-school specials are thrilling. Who knew that one beer could turn a cheerleader into a whore?”

Wilmer Valderrama - Fez

From the TV Series: 2 Broke Girls

“In private school, we never bent down to put our mouths on anything unless it had a yacht.”

Beth Behrs - Caroline Channing

From the movie: Crazy Rich Asians

“Let me get this straight. You both went to the same school. Yet someone came back with a degree that's useful, and the other one came back as Asian Ellen.”

Ken Jeong - Wye Mun Goh

From the TV Series: Veronica Mars

“It's been two weeks. That's like a decade in high school years.”

Percy Daggs III - Wallace Fennel

From the TV Series: True Blood

“School is just for white people looking for other white people to read to 'em. I figured I save my money and read to myself.”

Rutina Wesley - Tara Thornton

From the TV Series: Euphoria

“Nothing in high school lasts forever.”

Colman Domingo - Ali

From the TV Series: Sex Education

“It shouldn’t matter what anyone in the school thinks. You are who you are. Don’t let anyone take that away from you.”

Asa Butterfield - Otis Milburn

From the animation: Raya and the Last Dragon

“Have you ever done a group project but there’s like that one kid who didn’t pitch in as much but still ended up with the same grade?”

Awkwafina - Sisu

From the animation: Soul

“Joey, we didn’t struggle giving you an education so you could be a middle-aged man washing your underwear in my shop.”

Phylicia Rashad - Libba

From the movie: A Rainy Day in New York

“I read. I just don't read what they give us in school. I mean, do I really care who wins between Beowulf and Grendel? No, I don't. Maybe if I had a little money on it.”

Timothée Chalamet - Gatsby Welles