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September 12, 1995
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  • “I loved American superheroes, I love Japanese Anime and to blend all these things together into one film really encapsulated my childhood into one film.”
    Ryan Potter
  • “Hiro-Vinyl?
    Tadashi-Yeah. I'm going for a non-threatening... huggable kinda thing.
    Hiro-Looks like a walking marshmallow. No offense.
    Baymax-I am a robot. I cannot be offended.”

    Ryan Potter - Hiro
    Daniel Henney - Tadashi
    Scott Adsit - Baymax
    [Tag:fun, offense, robot]
  • “People keep saying he's not really gone, as long as we remember him. But it still hurts.”
    Ryan Potter - Hiro
    [Tag:death, memory]
  • “I didn’t grow up clearly identifying with either my Japanese or Caucasian roots. Obviously they played a huge role but I have such a diverse group of friends and also a diverse group of musical and film influences in my life, so I am not your stereotypical Japanese American.”
    Ryan Potter
  • “Just because of how similar Hiro and I were, I got to just be myself and I think that comes across in the film.”
    Ryan Potter