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Movie Auntie Mame
Title Auntie Mame
Year 1958
Director Morton DaCosta
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – Little Patrick, orphaned at ten, is in the care of his aunt Mame, an eccentric lady that shines for her spirit and dynamism in the most elegant New York society of 1928. The Crash of 1929 takes most of Aunt Mame's wealth, forcing her to give up her high-society life style and to look for a job. With good will she makes attempts in various fields of activities but she is regularly fired after a short time for her incompetence. At Christmas Aunt Mame and Patrick are invited to spend the holidays at the villa of Beauregard Burnside, who will marry Aunt Mame. Patrick, now a young man, returns home with his girlfriend, a beautiful but dull girl, the true representative of the nouveau riche. Patrick eventually marries the new secretary of his aunt and fathers Michael, to whom Mame will dedicate her care, instilling her own dynamic optimism.
All actors – Rosalind Russell, Forrest Tucker, Coral Browne, Fred Clark, Roger Smith, Patric Knowles, Peggy Cass, Jan Handzlik, Joanna Barnes, Pippa Scott, Lee Patrick, Willard Waterman, Robin Hughes, Connie Gilchrist, Yuki Shimoda, Brook Byron, Carol Veazie, Henry Brandon, Cris Alexander, Olive Blakeney, Lela Bliss, Peter Bourne, John Caler, Evelyn Ceder, Roydon Clark, Booth Colman, Max Cutler, Morton DaCosta, Jack Daly, Mark Dana, Paul Davis, Margaret Dumont, Sandra Edwards, Adolph Faylauer, Robert Gates, Gregory Gaye, Rand Harper, Michael Harris, Sam Harris, Charles Heard, Butch Hengen, Gloria Holden, Dick Hudkins, Terry Kelman, Fred Kelsey, Colin Kenny, Louise Lane, Cajan Lee, Carl M. Leviness, Thomas Martin, Frank McClure, Tom McDonough, Owen McGiveney, Daniel Meyers, Harold Miller, Forbes Murray, Doye O'Dell, Barbara Pepper, Jack Perrin, Richard Reeves, Larry Rio, Gladys Roach, Jeffrey Sayre, Hazel Shermet, Smokey, Bert Stevens, Dub Taylor, Arthur Tovey, Ruth Warren
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