“The Westerner” quotes

Movie The Westerner
William Wyler directed this movie in 1940
Title The Westerner
Year 1940
Director William Wyler
Genre Drama, Romance, Western
All actors – Gary Cooper, Walter Brennan, Doris Davenport, Fred Stone, Forrest Tucker, Paul Hurst, Chill Wills, Lilian Bond, Dana Andrews, Charles Halton, Trevor Bardette, Tom Tyler
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  • “- The Stranger: Have you met Miss Langtry?
    - Judge Roy Bean: No, I never met her. I never met the sun, I never shook hands with the moon, and I've never been introduced to no clouds.”

    Lucien Littlefield - The Stranger
    Walter Brennan - Judge Roy Bean
    [Tag:love, meeting]
  • “It's my duty to inform you that the larceny of an equine is a capital offense punishable by death, but you can rest assured that in this court, a horse thief always gets a fair trial before he's hung.”

    Walter Brennan - Judge Roy Bean
  • “- Wade Harper: We're going back to build our fences.
    - Judge Roy Bean: If you do, you better build coffins with them.”

    Forrest Tucker - Wade Harper
    Walter Brennan - Judge Roy Bean
    [Tag:building, death, war]