“Love in the Afternoon” quotes

Movie Love in the Afternoon
Title Love in the Afternoon
Year 1957
Director Billy Wilder
Genre Drama, Comedy, Crime
Plot – Ariane, daughter of a private investigator from Paris that is currently following the wife of a banker on her husband's behalf, finds out that the banker is going to kill his wife and her lover, the American millionaire Flannagan. Ariane warns Flannagan about it but falls in love with him.
All actors – Gary Cooper, Audrey Hepburn, Maurice Chevalier, John McGiver, Van Doude, Lise Bourdin, Olga Valéry, The Gypsies, , Elga Andersen, Claude Ariel, Jack Ary, Marc Aurian, Vera Boccadoro, Paul Bonifas, Charles Bouillaud, Françoise Brion, Marcelle Broc, Jeanne Charblay, Odette Charblay, Olivia Chevalier, George Cicos, Gilbert Constant, Leila Croft, Valerie Croft, Janine Dard, Guy Delorme, Filo, Richard Flagey, Gloria France, Marius Gaidon, Victor Gazzoli, Grégoire Gromoff, Louis Jourdan, Gyula Kokas, Michael Kokas, Anne Laurent, Charles Lemontier, Audrey Long, Christian Lude, Léo Marjane, Eve Marley, Moustache, Bernard Musson, Mylos, Jean Ozenne, Jeanne Papir, Georges Perrault, Minerva Pious, Marcelle Praince, Jacques Préboist, Jean Rieubon, Annie Roudier, Monique Saintey, Betty Schneider, Michelle Selignac, Solon Smith, Sylvain, Alexandre Trauner, Simone Vanlacker, Franz Waxman, Audrey Young
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