“Dangerous Ground” quotes

Movie Dangerous Ground
Title Dangerous Ground
Year 1997
Director Darrell Roodt
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller, Action
Interpreted by
All actors – Thokozani Nkosi, Ron Smerczak, Wilson Dunster, Ice Cube, Sechaba Morojele, Peter Khubeke, Roslyn Morapedi, Elizabeth Hurley, Mabel Mafuya, Fana Mokoena, Maimela Motubatse, Nkululeko Mabandla
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  • “- Vusi Madlazi: Don't you think South Africa has went through enough shit without you coming in fucking it up even more?
    - Muki: I like to fuck shit up. It's something inside me.”

    Ice Cube - Vusi Madlazi
    Ving Rhames - Muki
  • “- Vusi Madlazi: There's two things I never, ever buy: water and pussy.
    - Black Hooker: Ha! Why's that?
    - Vusi Madlazi: Because they both come free.”

    Ice Cube - Vusi Madlazi
    Tembsie Times - Black Hooker
    [Tag:money, water, women]
  • “- Vusi Madlazi: Kaffir? What's that?
    - Iron Guard: You.
    - Vusi Madlazi: Yeah, but what does it mean? Is it like warrior, king, god, chief? What is it?
    - Iron Guard: It means you must watch your mouth, boy.”

    Ice Cube - Vusi Madlazi
    Robin Smith - Iron Guard
    [Tag:caution, meaning]