“Feeling Minnesota” quotes

Movie Feeling Minnesota
Title Feeling Minnesota
Year 1996
Director Steven Baigelman
Genre Drama, Comedy, Crime, Romance
Plot – Freddie is a young girl who dreams to live in Las Vegas. She's forced to marry Sam, an accountant who works in a strip-tease club. The day of the wedding, Freddie meets Jjaks, Sam's brother, and between them it's love at first sight, so they decide to run away together. Sam reaches them and kills the woman, but she survives and flees to Las Vegas. A few months later, Jjaks reaches her to Las Vegas.
All actors – Keanu Reeves, Cameron Diaz, Vincent D'Onofrio, Delroy Lindo, Dan Aykroyd, Courtney Love, Drew Desmarais, Tuesday Weld, Aaron Michael Metchik, Russell Konstans, David Alan Smith, Bill Schoppert
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