“Radioland Murders” quotes

Movie Radioland Murders
Title Radioland Murders
Year 1994
Director Mel Smith
Genre Drama, Comedy, Musical, Crime, Romance, Mystery
Plot – In 1939 in Chicago, everything is ready for the launch of a new radio network, the WBN. However, there is a huge problem: a mysterious killer is wandering around the studios killing the staff members. One of the show's author, Roger, is believed to be the killer, but he actually has to solve the mystery himself while the show schedule goes on nonstop.
All actors – Brian Benben, Mary Stuart Masterson, Ned Beatty, George Burns, Scott Michael Campbell, Brion James, Michael Lerner, Michael McKean, Jeffrey Tambor, Stephen Tobolowsky, Christopher Lloyd, Larry Miller
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  • “- Herman Katzenback: Now you listen to me, Junior, don't you think that I don't know what's going on, because I do know, and now you know that I know.
    - Walt Whalen, Jr.: Listen, I don't know what you know that I know, but I do know that you don't know what you think you know.
    - Herman Katzenback: Oh no?
    - Walt Whalen, Jr.: No.”

    Larry Miller - Herman Katzenback
    Jeffrey Tambor - Walt Whalen, Jr.
  • “- Wild Writer: What if the wife smashes him over the head, with a frying pan, and then chops him up into hundreds of tiny pieces with her shiny new carving knife?
    - Father Writer: No, I don't think so.
    - Son Writer: It's a family show!
    - Wild Writer: Okay, then what if she does it to the whole family?”

    Bobcat Goldthwait - Wild Writer
    Robert Klein - Father Writer
    Peter MacNicol - Son Writer
  • “- Female Writer: Husband says, 'Darling, you can't leave. What would it take to make you stay?'.
    - Father Writer: She says, 'Try chloroform'. Ha! Ha!
    - Son Writer: This isn't a comedy.
    - Female Writer: That wasn't a joke.”

    Anne De Salvo - Female Writer
    Robert Klein - Father Writer
    Peter MacNicol - Son Writer
  • “- Claudette Katsenback: I'm Claudette Katzenback, the va-va-va-voom girl with the va-va-va-voom voice. Who the hell are you?
    - Lieutenant Cross: I'm Lt. Cross, the Chicago cop with the sh-sh-short temper.”

    Anita Morris - Claudette Katsenback
    Michael Lerner - Lieutenant Cross
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  • “- Roger Henderson: You would find it much more easier to kill me than her.
    - Max Applewhite: You're right, I would find it much more easier to kill you than her.”

    Brian Benben - Roger Henderson
    Stephen Tobolowsky - Max Applewhite
  • “In what other business can a man my age walk out on stage, smoke a cigar, tell a few jokes, sing a few songs, and use the same color lipstick that Dolores del Rio uses?”
    George Burns - Milt Lackey
  • “- Claudette Katsenback: Nobody enters my dressing room uninvited! What the hell do you think that star means?
    - Roger Henderson: You're Jewish?”

    Anita Morris - Claudette Katsenback
    Brian Benben - Roger Henderson
  • “I've told you, not to bother me before a show, or after a show. Or, at home in my bedroom, when I'm thinking about a show!”

    Anita Morris - Claudette Katsenback
  • “I told Dexter not to smoke. If you ask me, they oughta put warning labels on those packages.”
    Mary Stuart Masterson - Penny Henderson