“A Thin Line Between Love and Hate” quotes

Movie A Thin Line Between Love and Hate
Martin Lawrence directed this movie in 1996
Title A Thin Line Between Love and Hate
Year 1996
Director Martin Lawrence
Genre Drama, Comedy, Crime, Romance, Thriller
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Plot – Darnell Wright, an exciting and talkative man, is punished by one of his conquests, who feels hurt and takes revenge on him. Along the lines of "Fatal Attraction."
All actors – Martin Lawrence, Lynn Whitfield, Regina King, Bobby Brown, Della Reese, Malinda Williams, Daryl Mitchell, Roger E. Mosley, Simbi Khali, Tangie Ambrose, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Stacii Jae Johnson
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  • “It's a thin line between love and hate.”
    Della Reese - Ma Wright
    [Tag:border, hatred, love]
  • “A man just comes along and he buys us off a shelf. Then he plays. Plays with us until he thinks we're no longer fun. Or until he gets us all dirty, right? Then he just wants to throw us away.”
    Lynn Whitfield - Brandi Web
    [Tag:men, respect, women]
  • “- Nikki: What you need to be doing, Darnell, is taking care of me.
    - Darnell: Uh, now... when did we establish that you were my woman?
    - Nikki: When I opened my legs to you, baby! The contract was signed then.”

    Tangie Ambrose - Nikki
    Martin Lawrence - Darnell Wright
    [Tag:caring, flirting]
  • “You can trust horses. They don't let you down. People always let you down. Especially men.”
    Lynn Whitfield - Brandi Web
    [Tag:horses, men, trust]
  • “- Darnell: What's up, Ma? You been watching the talk shows?
    - Ma Wright: I don't watch that junk! I've got enough trouble in my life already!”

    Martin Lawrence - Darnell Wright
    Della Reese - Ma Wright
  • “- Brandi Web: Tell me something, Darnell. You still the man? The main man? You know what you are? And I didn't think so. You're a dog. A mad dog, to be exact. And do you know what they do with mad dogs? I can't hear you.
    - Darnell: No, what they do with mad dogs?
    - Brandi Web: They shoot mad dogs!”

    Lynn Whitfield - Brandi Web
    Martin Lawrence - Darnell Wright
    [Tag:dogs, killing]
  • - Tee: How you doing, baby?
    - Brandi Web: "How am I doing, baby"? I'm not your baby.
    - Tee: Excuse me. Most men would have called you stuck up, looking all like a Barbiedoll.

    Bobby Brown - Tee
    Lynn Whitfield - Brandi Web
  • “I'm not going to shoot you. Not for myself, no. I'm going to shoot you for all women.”
    Lynn Whitfield - Brandi Web
    [Tag:killing, women]
  • “- Darnell: Cleofus' little brother? Mama, you can't let her go out with him. He macks more women than... than...
    - Ma Wright: The one I'm looking at right now?”

    Martin Lawrence - Darnell Wright
    Della Reese - Ma Wright
    [Tag:flirting, son]