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  • “- Det. Roland Castlebeck: Here I am smack dab in the middle of a moral dilemma, Randall. You've ripped this city to shreds with that little escapade of yours, you and your Eleanor. But I understand what brought you back here. A brother's love is... a brother's love.
    - Det. Roland Castlebeck: You just saved my life, didn't you? So what...” (continue)
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    Delroy Lindo - Det. Roland Castlebeck
    Nicolas Cage - Memphis Reines
  • “If God created anything better than crack cocaine he kept that shit for himself.”
    Delroy Lindo - Rodney Little
    [Tag:drugs, god]
  • “One can never anticipate how audiences will respond.”
    Delroy Lindo
  • “I'm very proud of my roles. I enjoy the ability to touch millions of people and, in some way, connect with them in ways that I cannot connect with them in my normal, everyday life.”
    Delroy Lindo
  • “I think it's a brilliant tool to have, not only to have a sense of humor, but to be able to use humor to help one navigate life.”
    Delroy Lindo
  • “Hey, you go to that plastic surgeon, don't you let him put you all the way under. I knew a cat in Stateville one time; went to get his face fixed. Woke up and the sucker had given him a pair of tits.”
    Delroy Lindo - Bobby 'Bob' Blane
  • - Bo Catlett: You broke into my house, and I have a witness to it.
    - Chili Palmer: What?
    - Bo Catlett: Only this time it ain't no John Wayne and Dean Martin shootingbad guys in "El Dorado".
    - Chili Palmer: That was "Rio Bravo". Robert Mitchum played the drunk in "El Dorado". Dean Martin played the drunk in "Rio Bravo". Basically, it was the... (continue)
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    Delroy Lindo - Bo Catlett
    John Travolta - Chili Palmer
  • “- Woody Carmichael: Let me tell you, I got to be like a thief in the night in this house every time I want to get some privacy to do my work!
    - Carolyn Carmichael: You selfishchild! Don't tell me about privacy!
    - Woody Carmichael: Selfish nothing! Selfish nothing!
    - Carolyn Carmichael: Yes, you are selfish! I can't even take a piss without six...” (continue)
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    Delroy Lindo - Woody Carmichael
    Alfre Woodard - Carolyn Carmichael
  • “- Captain Brix: You got two ways to deal with this: you got the easy way, you got...
    - John Moss: The hard way.
    - Captain Brix: Right. John, do us all a favor and make the right choice.
    - John Moss: I always do.”

    Delroy Lindo - Captain Brix
    James Woods - John Moss
    [Tag:attitude, choice]
  • “I'm just tryin' to put things straight. Sometimes, ya gotta break some rules, to put things straight.”
    Delroy Lindo - Mr. Rose
  • “- Isaak: Mr. Sing... with all due respect, there is no way in the world that anybody in my camp would be foolish enough to touch your family, any more than anybody in your camp would be stupid enough to touch mine. It just wouldn't happen.
    - Ch'u Sing: Our business venture will continue.
    - Isaak: I'm pleased to hear that, thank you.”

    Delroy Lindo - Isaak O'Day
    Henry O - Ch'u Sing
  • “- Bo Catlett: Mr. Escobar, maybe your nephew panicked and took off.
    - Mr. Escobar: Why are you talking to me this bullshit? I think maybe I have Ramón and César staple your tongue to your chin! What do you think?
    - Bo Catlett: I think you speak very good English, Mr. Escobar.”

    Delroy Lindo - Bo Catlett
    Miguel Sandoval - Mr. Escobar
    [Tag:lies, threat]
  • “- Raymond Calitri: [aiming a gun] Who are you?
    - Det. Roland Castlebeck: I'm a police officer. You don't want to do that now.
    - Raymond Calitri: Yeah, I do.
    - Det. Roland Castlebeck: Listen to me. You walk out of here with me, you've got some options. You kill me now you think about this, I'm a police officer your life will be over.
    - Raymond...” (continue)
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    Christopher Eccleston - Raymond Calitri
    Delroy Lindo - Det. Roland Castlebeck
  • “- Police chopper pilot: He's gone.
    - Det. Roland Castlebeck: God!
    - Detective Drycoff: Man this guy can drive!
    - Det. Roland Castlebeck: What? What?
    - Detective Drycoff: It's probably mostly the car...”

    Delroy Lindo - Det. Roland Castlebeck
    Timothy Olyphant - Detective Drycoff
    [Tag:cars, driving, speed]
  • “They outrageous, them rules. Who live in this cider house? Who grindin' up those apples, pressin' that cider, cleanin' up all this mess? Who just plain live here, just breathin' in that vinegar? Someone who don't live here made those rules. Those rules ain't for us. We are supposed to make our own rules. And we do. Every single day.”

    Delroy Lindo - Mr. Rose
  • - Bo Catlett: It says here you're getting Martin Weir for the part of Lovejoy?
    - Chili Palmer: That's right, we're getting Martin.
    - Bo Catlett: Come on, how you gonna do that?
    - Chili Palmer: I'm gonna take a gun, I'm gonna put it to his head, and say, "sign the fucking papers, Martin, or you're dead". That's it.
    - Bo Catlett: I wonder, would... (continue)
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    Delroy Lindo - Bo Catlett
    John Travolta - Chili Palmer
    [Tag:actors, threat]
  • “I commit you to His mercy.”

    Delroy Lindo - Jackson
  • “I remember the good old days. All you had to do was introduce a man and a woman, nature did the rest. Doesn't work like that anymore. Men and women, it's all gone to shit.”
    Delroy Lindo - Jackson
  • “- Coffee Man: Hey buddy. You forgot your change.
    - Joe Moore: Makes the world go round.
    - Bobby 'Bob' Blane: What's that?
    - Joe Moore: Gold.
    - Bobby 'Bob' Blane: Some people say love.
    - Joe Moore: Well, they're right, too. It is love. Love of gold.”

    Tony Calabretta - Coffee Man
    Gene Hackman - Joe Moore
    Delroy Lindo - Bobby 'Bob' Blane
    [Tag:gold, greed, love]
  • “- West Indian Archie: Now you're outfitted. You ready to tackle the streets?
    - Malcolm X: Yeah, I'm ready. Let them come.”

    Delroy Lindo - West Indian Archie
    Denzel Washington - Malcolm X
  • “- Bobby 'Bob' Blane: Sometimes adrenaline gives people the shakes, some might think it's cowardice, so maybe you'd want to pray about it.
    - Jimmy Silk: I'm not a religious man.
    - Bobby 'Bob' Blane: There's nothing wrong with prayer. We knew this firefighter, this trooper, who always caried a bible next to his heart. We used to mock him, but that...” (continue)
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    Delroy Lindo - Bobby 'Bob' Blane
    Sam Rockwell - Jimmy Silk
  • “Open yo mouth, nigga. Now you feel that? I'll put this gun in yo bad-breaf-smellin' mouth and I will pull the trigger. And I will splatter what little motherfuckin' brains you got all over the Corinthian leather interior of my car! And this my wife's brand new car, so you know I don't give a fuck. You understand me? Do you understand me, bitch?”

    Delroy Lindo - Rodney Little
  • “Have you ever felt like you're not in control of your life?”
    Delroy Lindo - Jackson
  • “- Giles Prentice: Are you sure? I mean, how do you know that?
    - Colonel Max Wilkins: Because if it had been a surface detonation, we'd have felt a different kind of ground tremor. We'd also be burned, blind, and dying.”

    Frank Whaley - Giles Prentice
    Delroy Lindo - Colonel Max Wilkins
  • “- Rodney Little: Rocco Klein... Rocco Klein, you know, I've always wanted to ask you... you Italian, you a jew? I mean, what are you? You can't make up your mind?
    - Det. Rocco Klein: Me?
    - Rodney Little: Yeah, you.
    - Det. Rocco Klein: I'm from the lost black tribe of Israel, the Yos.”

    Delroy Lindo - Rodney Little
    Harvey Keitel - Det. Rocco Klein
    [Tag:ethnicity, jews]