“Mad Dog and Glory” quotes

Movie Mad Dog and Glory
Title Mad Dog and Glory
Year 1993
Director John McNaughton
Genre Drama, Comedy, Crime, Romance
Plot – Dobie is an agent of the Chicago Criminal Police and one evening he foils a robbery in a grocery and saves the life of Frank Milo, a local gangster. He invites the agent in his night club and gives him Glory, a barmaid, as a gift. At first Dobie is rather uneasy about the offer, but then he realizes he's attracted to the girl and falls in love with her.
All actors – Robert De Niro, Uma Thurman, Bill Murray, David Caruso, Mike Starr, Tom Towles, Kathy Baker, Derek Anunciation, Doug Hara, Evan Lionel, Anthony Cannata, J.J. Johnston, Guy Van Swearingen, Jack Wallace, Richard Belzer, Clem Caserta, Fred Squillo, Chuck Parello, Anthony Fitzpatrick, Eric Young, Bruce Jarchow, Bob Rice, William King, Kevin Hurley, Richard Price, John Polce, Dick Sollenberger, Paula Killen, Eddie Bo Smith Jr., Suzy Brack, Tony Castillo, Brian Reed Garvin
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