“Force 10 from Navarone” quotes

Movie Force 10 from Navarone
Title Force 10 from Navarone
Year 1978
Director Guy Hamilton
Genre Drama, War, Action
Plot – In 1943, British General Staff sends to Yugoslavia Major Mallory and Sgt. Miller to identify and eliminate Lescovar, aka Nicolaj, a terrible German secret agent. Barnsby must prevent the passage of the German divisions from a bridge which would lead them directly to Yugoslavia. The soldiers leaves from Termoli, but they're intercepted and shot down. The survivors are captured by some fake partisans who give them to the Germans. Helped by Maritza, the partisan commander Petrovitch's daughter, they manage to kill Nazi Schroeder and Drazak, then they reach the partisans' camp and collaborate with them. Petrovitch loses his daughter in a bombing and entrusts the survivors to Lescovar.
All actors – Robert Shaw, Harrison Ford, Barbara Bach, Edward Fox, Franco Nero, Carl Weathers, Richard Kiel, Alan Badel, Michael Byrne, Philip Latham, Angus MacInnes, Michael Sheard
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  • “- Mallory: You ever heard of penicillin?
    - Schroeder: No.
    - Mallory: No, well, I'm not surprised. It's a new developement. It's a drug that prevents wounds from becoming infected.”

    Robert Shaw - Mallory
    Michael Byrne - Schroeder
  • “- Barnsby: Our experts have been studying that bridge for weeks, and they say it'll blow. I don't know where you learned your job, but I'm talking about the best construction engineers in the business!
    - Miller: Yes. Well, they're probably experts at building things, whereas I'm an expert at blowing them up, and you can take it from me that one...” (continue)
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    Harrison Ford - Barnsby
    Edward Fox - Miller
    [Tag:destruction, job]
  • “- Mallory: Next time, you can play the corpse. You seem pretty handy with that thing, though.
    - Barnsby: Could've been luck.”

    Robert Shaw - Mallory
    Harrison Ford - Barnsby
  • “- Mallory: I don't suppose they taught you German at that awful school of yours?
    - Miller: What, instead of Latin? Heaven forbid, old boy.”

    Robert Shaw - Mallory
    Edward Fox - Miller
    [Tag:language, school]
  • “- Mallory: May I talk to you personally, sir?
    - Petrovitch: You are talking to me personally.
    - Mallory: No I mean alone.
    - Petrovitch: No. The people's army does not conduct military business in secret.”

    Robert Shaw - Mallory
    Alan Badel - Petrovitch
    [Tag:secrets, talking]