“More American Graffiti” quotes

Movie More American Graffiti
Title More American Graffiti
Year 1979
Director Bill Norton
Genre Drama, Comedy, War
Plot – John Miller is focused on winning the “Great Race”, which won’t be easy because his opponents are helped by rich teams. Before winning, he becomes friend with Eva, an Icelander. John will be ran over by a drunken truck driver on New Year’s Eve. Terry Fields, called ‘Toad’, is sent to Vietnam. He tries to injure himself so that he can go back home. He gradually becomes friend with Lieutenant Sinclair and saves his life. He is also persecuted by the crazy major Creech and, right before deserting, he takes revenge on him and on a dumb politician. Debbie, Terry’s girlfriend, would like to marry Lance, for who she earns money dancing. Committed to hire Lance in the “Electric Hanze” group, she follows the weird Felix and Newt. She will end up becoming a singer. Laurie and Steve Bollander are a young married couple in crisis because she would like to work to help the family, but the proud husband opposes, so they separate. Later on, they casually end up in the middle of some pacific demonstrations and once they got arrested, Steve shows to be an enterprising revolutionary: he will free the arrested girl by taking possession of the bus where they are.
All actors – Candy Clark, Bo Hopkins, Ron Howard, Paul Le Mat, Mackenzie Phillips, Charles Martin Smith, Cindy Williams, Anna Bjorn, Richard Bradford, John Brent, Country Joe McDonald, Barry Melton
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  • “Sir, I don't want to disappoint you, sir, but you've got yourself in with couple of cowardshere. We like things safe and easy, understand?”
    Charles Martin Smith - Terry the Toad
    [Tag:cowardice, safety]
  • “Debbie, you wanna stay away form weed. You know it's gonna lead you into cigarettes.”
    [Tag:drugs, smoking]
  • “- John Milner: You're gonna kick some ass?
    - Terry The Toad: Kick ass, take names, and eat Kong for breakfast.”

    Paul Le Mat - John Milner
    Charles Martin Smith - Terry the Toad
    [Tag:place, war]
  • “- John Milner: It's the little twerp!
    - Carol: Don't little twerp me, John, I've grown.
    - John Milner: A little bit.”

    Paul Le Mat - John Milner
    Mackenzie Phillips - Carol
  • “- Lance: Come on, man, you got nothing better to do than hassle long-hairs?
    - Officer Bob Falfa: That's my life, friend. I love my work.”

    John Lansing - Lance
    Harrison Ford - Officer Bob Falfa
    [Tag:hair, job, like]
  • “Do you know I used to know a surfer named Lance? His name was No Pants Lance.”
    Ralph Wilcox - Felix
    [Tag:name, surf]
  • “- Rainbow: I happen to think working as a topless dancer is creepy.
    - Debbie Dunham: Maybe that's your hangup, if you think the human body is creepy.”

    Mackenzie Phillips - Rainbow
    Candy Clark - Debbie Dunham
  • “- Laurie Bolander: Maybe I could straighten up this place for you.
    - Andy Henderson: No thanks, I like this place just the way it is.
    - Laurie Bolander: You like living in squalor?”

    Cindy Williams - Laurie Bolander
    Will Seltzer - Andy Henderson
  • “Then me and you and them, we're gonna open up a... a used car lot. You sell 'em, we steal 'em.”

    Bo Hopkins - Little Joe
    [Tag:business, cars, theft]
  • “- Terry The Toad: That's great, man, that's really great. You know what I'm going to do for you? I'm going to capture you a VC flag.
    - John Milner: Don't so that man, just come back alive.”

    Charles Martin Smith - Terry the Toad
    Paul Le Mat - John Milner
    [Tag:flag, survival, war]
  • “- Debbie Dunham: You love me?
    - Lance: Come on, does Raggedy Ann have cotton tits or what?”

    Candy Clark - Debbie Dunham
    John Lansing - Lance
    [Tag:breast, love]