“The Wild Geese” quotes

Movie The Wild Geese
Title The Wild Geese
Year 1978
Director Andrew V. McLaglen
Genre Drama, Thriller, War, Adventure, Action
Plot – Colonel Allen Faulkner is called by Sir Edward Matherson, a Londoner businessman, to free Limbani, the president of an African state now a prisoner of Zembala, leader of a coup. Faulkner works with three trusted collaborators: Lieutenant Shawn Fynn, Captain Rafer Janders and Lieutenant Pieter Koetzee. He enlists fifty men who are meticulously trained by Sandy Young. The shipment brilliantly solves the liberation in the prison camp. However, the plane sent to recover Limbani and the mercenaries doesn't land because Sir Edward, who in the meantime has taken advantage of some copper mines, wants to abandon Faulkner and all his men.
All actors – Richard Burton, Roger Moore, Richard Harris, Hardy Krüger, Stewart Granger, Winston Ntshona, John Kani, Jack Watson, Frank Finlay, Kenneth Griffith, Barry Foster, Ronald Fraser, Ian Yule, Patrick Allen, Rosalind Lloyd, David Ladd, Paul Spurrier, Jeff Corey, Brook Williams, Percy Herbert, Glyn Baker, Sydney Chama, Ken Gampu, Jane Hylton, Taks Senekal, Martin Grace, Terry Wells, Joe Cole, Fats Bookholane, John Alderson, Terence Longdon, Patrick Holt, Robert Cunningham, John Dennison, Thomas Baptiste, Jules Walters, Fred Bryant, Valerie Leon, Anna Bergman, Jeannie Collings, George Lane Cooper, Clive Curtis, Suzanne Danielle, Bryan Davis, Eddie Eddon, Susan Hunt, Jazzer Jeyes, George Leech, Solly Marx, Tullio Moneta, Maia Newley, Greg Powell, Leslie Schofield, Bob Simmons, Rocky Taylor
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