“Who'll Stop the Rain” quotes

Movie Who'll Stop the Rain
Title Who'll Stop the Rain
Year 1978
Director Karel Reisz
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller, War, Action
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Plot – John Converse is a journalist tired of the society in which he lives - America after '68 and Vietnam. While in Saigon as a war correspondent, he thinks he can change his life for the better by starting a drug trafficking business. So he manages to convince his friend, veteran Ray Hicks, to smuggle two kilograms of heroin to Oakland, where the journalist's wife Marge is to place the goods. However, the two naive young men are betrayed by their supplier Charmian. As soon as he arrives home, Ray is pursued by Agent Antheil, assisted by two thugs, Danskin and Smitty, who he has picked up in jail. Ray and Marge, having found a safe hiding place for Marge's daughter Jennifer, flee with the heroin first to Los Angeles and then, since they find it impossible to place the drugs, to an abandoned mission in the rugged mountains of New Mexico. However, the dirty cops have decided to take possession of the drugs and to sell them themselves. They besiege the fugitives, holding John Converse hostage. The heroic Ray, using all the skills he learned while in Vietnam, eliminates the opponents and makes sure the Converses are saved. When John finds Ray bleeding in the desert at their meeting place, he disperses the heroine into the wind and walks away with his wife.
All actors – Nick Nolte, Tuesday Weld, Michael Moriarty, Anthony Zerbe, Richard Masur, Ray Sharkey, Gail Strickland, Charles Haid, David Opatoshu, Joaquín Martínez, James Cranna, Timothy Blake
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