“Who'll Stop the Rain” quotes

Movie Who'll Stop the Rain
Title Who'll Stop the Rain
Year 1978
Director Karel Reisz
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller, War, Action
Interpreted by
Plot – John Converse is a journalist tired of the society in which he lives - America after '68 and Vietnam. While in Saigon as a war correspondent, he thinks he can change his life for the better by starting a drug trafficking business. So he manages to convince his friend, veteran Ray Hicks, to smuggle two kilograms of heroin to Oakland, where the journalist's wife Marge is to place the goods. However, the two naive young men are betrayed by their supplier Charmian. As soon as he arrives home, Ray is pursued by Agent Antheil, assisted by two thugs, Danskin and Smitty, who he has picked up in jail. Ray and Marge, having found a safe hiding place for Marge's daughter Jennifer, flee with the heroin first to Los Angeles and then, since they find it impossible to place the drugs, to an abandoned mission in the rugged mountains of New Mexico. However, the dirty cops have decided to take possession of the drugs and to sell them themselves. They besiege the fugitives, holding John Converse hostage. The heroic Ray, using all the skills he learned while in Vietnam, eliminates the opponents and makes sure the Converses are saved. When John finds Ray bleeding in the desert at their meeting place, he disperses the heroine into the wind and walks away with his wife.
All actors – Nick Nolte, Tuesday Weld, Michael Moriarty, Anthony Zerbe, Richard Masur, Ray Sharkey, Gail Strickland, Charles Haid, David Opatoshu, Joaquín Martínez, James Cranna, Timothy Blake
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  • “They got my buddy, man. Now they're going to kill him and that pretty lady. How am I going to let them do that? Did you see the way she walked to her fate? Nothing but class. She's the love of my life, no shit. Beats the hell out of all of them.”
    Nick Nolte - Ray Hicks
  • “You see, in a world where elephants are pursued by flying men, people are just naturally going to want to get high.”
    Michael Moriarty - John Converse
    [Tag:ambition, flying]
  • You know what I think, "on some level"? I think you're the kind of wise cocksucker that writes a tear-jerk play against the Marines and then turns around and smuggles a shitload of heroin into this country.

    Anthony Zerbe - Antheil
    [Tag:army, drugs, writing]
  • “In Vietnam I had men that were dead the day they hit that place. In the morning they were in Hawaii, in the afternoon they were dead.”
    Nick Nolte - Ray Hicks
    [Tag:day, death, war]
  • - Marge Converse: What's it say?
    - Ray Hicks: "In danger, all that counts is going forward".
    - Marge Converse: What else?
    - Ray Hicks: "By growing used to danger a man can allow it to become part of him. He grows used to evil".

    Tuesday Weld - Marge Converse
    Nick Nolte - Ray Hicks
  • “- Marge Converse: Why did you carry for John?
    - Ray Hicks: Because he asked me to. I don't always have to have a reason for the shit I do.”

    Tuesday Weld - Marge Converse
    Nick Nolte - Ray Hicks
    [Tag:doing, motive]
  • “- Danskin: Shut up! What the hell is the matter with you?
    - John Converse: I don't know. But pretty soon I'm either going to be away from you, or dead. And either way, it's fine with me.”

    Richard Masur - Danskin
    Michael Moriarty - John Converse
  • “- John Converse: Don't they say this is where everybody finds out who they are?
    - Ray Hicks: Yeah? What a bummer for the gooks.”

    Michael Moriarty - John Converse
    Nick Nolte - Ray Hicks
  • “When I left the Marines I made myself a promise. Never again am I going to be fucked around by morons. The next mother who tries to make me back off is going to have to live it out with me.”
    Nick Nolte - Ray Hicks
  • “- Ray Hicks: Your husband once told somebody I was a psychopath.
    - Marge Converse: That's the kind of thing he'd say.
    - Ray Hicks: Do you think he could be right?
    - Marge Converse: It's a very imprecise term.”

    Nick Nolte - Ray Hicks
    Tuesday Weld - Marge Converse
  • “- John Converse: I can't believe we did this.
    - Bender: Sense of unreality is not a legaldefence.”

    Michael Moriarty - John Converse
    David Opatoshu - Bender
    [Tag:doing, law, reality]
  • “- John Converse: You okay?
    - Danskin: I could beat you to death, you know that?
    - John Converse: Absolutely!”

    Michael Moriarty - John Converse
    Richard Masur - Danskin
    [Tag:threat, weariness]
  • - John Converse: If you really want to know, I think she's pretty moral, basically.
    - Antheil: "Pretty moral, basically?". Oh, Jesus. What a couple of yo-yo's.

    Michael Moriarty - John Converse
    Anthony Zerbe - Antheil
    [Tag:beauty, wife]
  • “They're animals. You can't make a deal with animals”

    Nick Nolte - Ray Hicks
    [Tag:animals, deal]
  • - Charmian: Shit, you don't know, do you? You just know you want it, right?
    - John Converse: "I desire to serve God and to grow rich like all men".
    - Charmian: Who said that?
    - John Converse: I don't know. Some great hustler of the past.

    Gail Strickland - Charmian
    Michael Moriarty - John Converse
    [Tag:money, quotations]
  • - Danskin: I hate jailbird chess. I hate the style. Like a goddamn little tweety bird. "Ooh, here's a move!" It's fucking degrading.
    - Smitty: Plenty of guys belt you when they lose. Fucking Danskin, he wins and he hits you!

    Richard Masur - Danskin
    Ray Sharkey - Smitty
    [Tag:chess, prison]
  • “All my life I've been taking shit from inferior people. No more.”
    Nick Nolte - Ray Hicks