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Movie Getting Even with Dad
Title Getting Even with Dad
Year 1994
Director Howard Deutch
Genre Comedy, Crime, Family
Plot – In San Francisco, after 4 years in prison for attempted theft of some VCRs, pastry chef Ray Gleason wants to pull off a big job with his friends Bobby and Carl: get hold of a set of precious coins that the state has received from an elderly lady who has died without heirs. The heist is successful and the loot is hidden on the terrace. However, Ray's sister, to whom he entrusted his son Timmy after his wife's death from cancer, decides to get married and leaving on her honeymoon brings the boy back to him. Eleven-year-old Timmy overhears the conversation of the three and understands everything; he then decides to steal the loot and hide it in a safe place; then he makes his father take him to the most interesting places of entertainment in the city for a week, otherwise he will report them to the police. The partners in crime also reluctantly participate in the trips to the zoo, the folk museums and the amusement parks, sure that sooner or later Tim will reveal where the stolen goods are. The police, who have identified Ray and Bobby from the statements of a homeless witness to the theft, also follow them. The young policewoman, Theresa Walsh, who is assigned to the case, comes in contact with the two and falls in love, reciprocated, with Ray. Encouraged by the feeling that has developed between the two, Timmy tries in vain to convince his father to return the coins. Meanwhile Ray's two friends embark on a bizarre and vain treasure hunt misguided by fake map drawn by the clever boy to put them in paradoxical situations. Timmy recognizes Theresa in a film recording and understands who is stalking them and so changes the coins' hiding place. Once the week is over, Ray is accompanied to the bus station where Timmy has put the bag in a safe deposit box. Bobby puts the boy on the bus, but then feeling guilty goes back to get him: Bobby and Carl force him to open the box, but in the bag there are only coins of little value. Then Timmy reveals the hiding place of the stolen goods to Theresa: between his new found father and a possible stepmother his future will be different.
All actors – Macaulay Culkin, Ted Danson, Glenne Headly, Saul Rubinek, Gailard Sartain, Sam McMurray, Hector Elizondo, Sydney Walker, Kathleen Wilhoite, Dann Florek, Ron Canada, Ralph Peduto
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