“Hot Dog... The Movie” quotes

Movie Hot Dog... The Movie
Title Hot Dog... The Movie
Year 1984
Director Peter Markle
Genre Comedy, Romance, Sport
Plot – Arkin, a young American acrobatic skier, is on his way to the world championships of hot-dog skiing, a specialty he has totally dedicated himself to. Along the way he gives a lift to young Sunny and the two arrive at the competition together. He meets the other contestants, who are all nice people except Rudy, the Austrian holder of two world titles, who is surrounded by a host of loyal and adoring minions and who looks down on everyone. Love, jealousy and pranks precede the race. Arkin proves to be the best, but commercial reasons induce the jury to award the prestigious cup to Rudy. Arkin and his friends do not accept this verdict and challenge the European to the dangerous game of "Chinese descent", an informal no-holds-barred contest where the winner gets the cup. Arkin obviously wins and he gets both the cup and the girl.
All actors – David Naughton, Patrick Houser, Tracy Smith, John Patrick Reger, Frank Koppala, James Saito, Shannon Tweed, George Theobald, Mark Vance, Erik Watson, Lynn Wieland, Sandy Hackett
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  • Hello. Your tits are as beautiful as Mt. Fuji. Would you mind if I rubbed my face in them?”

    James Saito - Kendo
    [Tag:breast, japan, sex]
  • “Do you know what I had for breakfast this morning, rookie? How do you say... I had Sunny side up, und I had Sunny side down, und I had Sunny side all the vay around.”
    John Patrick Reger - Rudi
    [Tag:breakfast, sex]
  • “- Squirrel: Hi, my name is Squirrel. What's yours?
    - Georgette: Georgette.
    - Squirrel: I suppose a fuck is out of the question?”

    Frank Koppala - Squirrel
    Ami Julius - Georgette
    [Tag:meeting, sex]
  • “- Sylvia Fonda: A toast. To Dom Perignon and the World Cup.
    - Harkin: Who's he?
    - Sylvia Fonda: A famous French skier.”

    Shannon Tweed - Sylvia Fonda
    Patrick Houser - Harkin
  • “- Harkin: What happens now?
    - Sylvia Fonda: First we take off our clothes and then we fuck our brains out.”

    Patrick Houser - Harkin
    Shannon Tweed - Sylvia Fonda
    [Tag:clothes, sex]
  • “Now for the rules of the International, Chinese downhill: there are none.”
    Robert Fuhrmann - Rick Lauter
    [Tag:china, rules, sport]