“I Shot Andy Warhol” quotes

Movie I Shot Andy Warhol
Title I Shot Andy Warhol
Year 1996
Director Mary Harron
Genre Drama, Biography
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Plot – Famous artist Andy Warhol prepares for an art exhibition in Stockholm. He's an icon in New York, he's decadent, extravagant and leads a life almost beyond any imagination. The Factory is very popular and will revolutionize the art world. Valeria Solanas, an unknown woman, decides to take her 15 minutes of fame, planning to shoot Andy Warhol.
All actors – Lili Taylor, Jared Harris, Martha Plimpton, Lothaire Bluteau, Anna Levine, Peter Friedman, Tahnee Welch, Jamie Harrold, Donovan Leitch Jr., Michael Imperioli, Reg Rogers, Bill Sage
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  • “Dear Diary, I try to get what I want, whenever it's possible. I have always found that socially unacceptable people make the best lovers because they are more sensitive. I can be happy and fuffilled. I will never doubt it. I can not afford to. Each thought, each movement turned into a great moving force. Love Candy.”
    Stephen Dorff - Candy Darling
  • “You got to go through a lot of sex to be ready for anti-sex.”
    Lili Taylor - Valerie Jean Solanas
    [Tag:chastity, sex]
  • “- Valerie Jean Solanas: You're a guy? My god, I thought you were a lesbian.
    - Candy Darling: Thanks, a lot of people say that.”

    Lili Taylor - Valerie Jean Solanas
    Stephen Dorff - Candy Darling
  • “- Andy Warhol: Candy, how often do you get your period?
    - Candy Darling: Every day. I'm such a woman!”

    Jared Harris - Andy Warhol
    Stephen Dorff - Candy Darling
    [Tag:period, women]
  • “- Ondine: What the fuck is a gay bar? Can you tell me? What is that? As a homosexual, I will not go! I will not go to one! Why should I be segregated?
    - Fred Hughes: You're right, you should be isolated.”

    Michael Imperioli - Ondine
    Craig Chester - Fred Hughes
  • “- Valerie Jean Solanas: Give me fifteen cents, and I'll give you a dirtyword.
    - Maurice Girodias: What's the word?
    - Valerie Jean Solanas: Men.”

    Lili Taylor - Valerie Jean Solanas
    Lothaire Bluteau - Maurice Girodias
    [Tag:men, words]
  • “- Reporter 1: Why do you spend your time making underground films?
    - Andy Warhol: It's easier than painting.
    - Reporter 1: Which painters do you like best?
    - Andy Warhol: Oh, all of them.”

    Henry Cabot Beck - Reporter 1
    Jared Harris - Andy Warhol
    [Tag:movie, painting]