“Dead Man” quotes

Movie Dead Man
Jim Jarmusch directed this movie in 1995
Title Dead Man
Year 1995
Director Jim Jarmusch
Genre Drama, Western, Fantasy
Plot – In the second half of the nineteenth century, William Blake embarks on a journey to the extreme western American frontier. Lost the way and wounded, Blake encounters a strange Indian who believes the white man is the dead English poet in person. Circumstances will make Blake a wanted outlaw and a murderer.
All actors – Johnny Depp, Gary Farmer, Crispin Glover, Lance Henriksen, Michael Wincott, Eugene Byrd, John Hurt, Robert Mitchum, Iggy Pop, Gabriel Byrne, Jared Harris, Mili Avital, Jimmie Ray Weeks, Mark Bringelson, John North, Peter Schrum, Mike Dawson, Billy Bob Thornton, Michelle Thrush, Gibby Haynes, Richard Boes, George Duckworth, Thomas Bettles, Alfred Molina, Daniel Chas Stacy, Todd Pfeiffer, Leonard Bowechop, Cecil Cheeka, Michael McCarty
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