“Ice Castles” quotes

Movie Ice Castles
Title Ice Castles
Year 1978
Director Donald Wrye
Genre Drama, Romance, Sport
Plot – Lexie Winston is sixteen and is a gifted skater. She would like to represent USA at the Olympics and to win the golden medal. She's noticed by Deborah Mackland, one of the best American trainer. Lexie qualifies but an incident makes her blind. Nick, her boyfriend, and her father put her back on track and finally Lexie gains the admiration of the crowd.
All actors – Robby Benson, Lynn-Holly Johnson, Colleen Dewhurst, Tom Skerritt, Jennifer Warren, David Huffman, Diane Reilly, Craig T. McCullen, Kelsey Ufford, Leonard Lilyholm, Brian Foley, Jean-Claude Bleuze
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  • “- Brian Dockett: Do you remember me?
    - Alexis Winston: Yes.
    - Brian Dockett: I missed you.
    - Alexis Winston: I missed you.
    - Brian Dockett: Want to try again?
    - Alexis Winston: I don't miss you anymore, Brian.”

    David Huffman - Brian Dockett
    Lynn-Holly Johnson - Alexis Winston
  • “- Brian Dockett: Scared?
    - Alexis Winston: I don't know what I'm scared of.
    - Brian Dockett: Nothing. You're not afraid of anything.”

    David Huffman - Brian Dockett
    Lynn-Holly Johnson - Alexis Winston
  • “We forgot about the flowers.”
    Robby Benson - Nick Peterson
  • “You're about the sexiest bozo ever to wear to a funny blue dress.”

    Robby Benson - Nick Peterson
  • “Not trying is pointless and cruel. Not trying is wondering your whole life if you gave up too soon. Who the hell needs that?”
    Robby Benson - Nick Peterson
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  • “- Alexis Winston: Stay with me?
    - Nick Peterson: You bet.”

    Lynn-Holly Johnson - Alexis Winston
    Robby Benson - Nick Peterson
  • “Nick... I love you. I know you don't like me very much any more... but I love you.”
    Lynn-Holly Johnson - Alexis Winston