“The Boy Who Could Fly” quotes

Movie The Boy Who Could Fly
Title The Boy Who Could Fly
Year 1986
Director Nick Castle
Genre Drama, Romance, Fantasy
Interpreted by
All actors – Lucy Deakins, Jay Underwood, Bonnie Bedelia, Fred Savage, Colleen Dewhurst, Fred Gwynne, Mindy Cohn, Janet MacLachlan, Jennifer Michas, Michelle Bardeaux, Aura Pithart, Cameron Bancroft
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  • “He's never spoken a word in his life and he doesn't like being around people. There's some institute that wants to come and take him away, but Mrs. Sherman says he's better off with his uncle. He's in my class at school. Mrs. Sherman, she used to teach those kinds of kids. She thinks that maybe being around normal people will help him, or...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Lucy Deakins - Milly
    [Tag:behavior, helping]
  • “- Charlene: Where are his parents?
    - Milly: That's the weird part. When Eric was five years old, his parents went on a trip to Spain or France or someplace like that. The plane crashed and they died.”

    Bonnie Bedelia - Charlene
    Lucy Deakins - Milly
  • “- Bad Boy: So you thought you could make it around the block? So now I'm supposed to be scared of a water pistol?
    - Louis: There ain't no water in this gun.
    - Bad Boy: So what's in it?
    - Louis: Piss!”

    Sean Kelso - Bad Boy
    Fred Savage - Louis
  • “- Dr. Granada - Psychiatrist: Tell me about your accident.
    - Milly: I was on a bridge, reaching for a flower and I fell over the railing.
    - Dr. Granada - Psychiatrist: You told your mother something about a boy who rescued you.”

    Louise Fletcher - Dr. Granada - Psychiatrist
    Lucy Deakins - Milly
    [Tag:accident, rescue]
  • “I fell fifty feet without a mark on me, except for this. And I got this when I hit the railing. I didn't hit the ground. Somebody caught me. It was a boy named Eric. He can fly.”

    Lucy Deakins - Milly
    [Tag:flying, rescue, wound]
  • “What I heard is that the moment the plane went down, Eric was alone in his room and without anybody even telling him anything, he started to pretend to fly. It's like, somehow, he knew his parents were about to crash. The way he figured he could save them was by being an airplane. He's been one ever since.”

    Lucy Deakins - Milly
  • “- Dr. Granada - Psychiatrist: Dr. Nelson told me about your father. He committed suicide not long ago.
    - Milly: He did not.
    - Dr. Granada - Psychiatrist: How did he die?
    - Milly: My father had cancer. And when he found out that he had it... he didn't want the rest of the family to suffer needlessly. So one day, he kissed us all goodbye and he...” (continue)
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    Louise Fletcher - Dr. Granada - Psychiatrist
    Lucy Deakins - Milly
  • “That night, I found out why Eric flew away. Our house was crawling with people who wanted to see Eric Gibb, the boy who could fly. There were scientists and doctors and TVreporters. When they couldn't find Eric, they did tests on me, because I flew with him.”

    Lucy Deakins - Milly
  • “- Dr. Granada - Psychiatrist: You fell. You have a concussion. You were losing consciousness. Maybe what you thought was Eric catching you was a tree or a bush breaking your fall. Your mind could be playing tricks on you. It can do that.
    - Milly: That's impossible.
    - Dr. Granada - Psychiatrist: It's more possible than a boy who could fly.”

    Louise Fletcher - Dr. Granada - Psychiatrist
    Lucy Deakins - Milly