“I've Been Waiting for You” quotes

Movie I've Been Waiting for You
Title I've Been Waiting for You
Year 1998
Director Christopher Leitch
Genre Horror, Thriller
All actors – Sarah Chalke, Soleil Moon Frye, Ben Foster, Christian Campbell, Maggie Lawson, Chad Cox, Tom Dugan, Julie Patzwald, Markie Post, Gillian Barber, Kathleen Duborg, Aaron Smolinski
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  • “- Ted Rankin: I know you are having a few adjustment problems.
    - Sarah Zoltanne: Adjustment problems? Not getting picked for the prom committe, that's an adjustment problem!”

    Tom Dugan - Ted Rankin
    Sarah Chalke - Sarah Zoltanne
  • “- Kyra: Where have you guys been?
    - Sarah Zoltanne: Oh, making out, lip-locking, tongue wrestling. The usual.
    - Kyra: Very funny.”

    Soleil Moon Frye - Kyra Thompson
    Sarah Chalke - Sarah Zoltanne
    [Tag:enjoyment, kiss]
  • “Did you know smoking causes wrinkles?”
    Sarah Chalke - Sarah Zoltanne
    [Tag:smoking, wrinkles]
  • “Garlic is for vampires! Just ask Buffy! Doesn't anyone in this school watch television?”
    Sarah Chalke - Sarah Zoltanne
    [Tag:movie, vampire]
  • - Eric Garrett: Speaking of parties, I'm having one and we'd like to invite you as the official guest of honor.
    - Sarah Zoltanne: Why? So you and your little "descendants club" can burn me at the stake and roast marshmallows by the fire?

    Christian Campbell - Eric Garrett
    Sarah Chalke - Sarah Zoltanne
    [Tag:guests, party, trap]