“Jacknife” quotes

Movie Jacknife
Title Jacknife
Year 1989
Director David Hugh Jones
Genre Drama
All actors – Robert De Niro, Kathy Baker, Ed Harris, Sloane Shelton, Ivar Brogger, Michael Arkin, Tom Isbell, Kirk Taylor, Jordan Lund, Charles S. Dutton, Bruce Ramsay, Jessalyn Gilsig
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  • “- Martha: Have you ever actually caught a fish, Joseph?
    - Megs: Martha, the only way I'm going to catch a fish, I got a feeling, is to drain the pond.”

    Kathy Baker - Martha
    Robert De Niro - Megs
  • “Rise and shine because it is time!”
    Robert De Niro - Megs
  • “- Martha: What do you want for breakfast?
    - Megs: Beer.”

    Kathy Baker - Martha
    Robert De Niro - Megs
  • “- Megs: I bet we would have had a horrible time at the goddamn prom.
    - Martha: We would have left early.
    - Megs: We would have gone some place fancy for dinner.
    - Martha: No, I doubt we would have been hungry.
    - Megs: Maybe we would have driven some place. Some place quiet. Parked. Then - who knows.
    - Martha: Who knows.”

    Robert De Niro - Megs
    Kathy Baker - Martha
  • “I blame people. I've been blaming people so much. And I've been hurting people. That sucks. They're the people that cared about me mostly I guess but I didn't... you know... I thought... No, I think, I think I don't deserve them caring about me because I don't like me very much. But hey, it's time! If not for me then for the people that didn't...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Ed Harris - Dave
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