“Johnny English Strikes Again” quotes

Movie Johnny English Strikes Again
Title Johnny English Strikes Again
Year 2018
Director David Kerr
Genre Comedy, Adventure, Action
All actors – Olga Kurylenko, Rowan Atkinson, Emma Thompson, Charles Dance, Jake Lacy, Michael Gambon, Ben Miller, Miranda Hennessy, Edward Fox, Adam James, Irena Tyshyna, Tuncay Gunes, Matthew Beard, Pippa Bennett-Warner, Pino Maiello, Adam Greaves-Neal, David Mumeni, James Eeles, Peter Singh, Lindy Barrett, Samantha Russell, Finley Howard, Gary Kiely, Paul Blackwell, Junichi Kajioka, Hiba Chader, Eddie O'Connell, George Turner, Ty Hurley, Nick Owenford, Rutvig Vaid, Ryan Wiseman, Kaj Prasal, Dan March, Janette Sharpe, Emma Bakare, Bastien Beyster, Alfie Kennedy, Jimm Stark, David Collicott, Nick Donald, Tahlia Norrish, Danielle Saunders, Rosalind Whelan, Margaret Wheldon, Andy Willis
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  • “- Johnny English: Virtual reality?
    - Bough: It's completely immersive, and some people lose track of their actual surroundings.
    - Johnny English: Oh, I think we can pretty much guarantee that's not gonna happen.”

    Rowan Atkinson - Johnny English
    Ben Miller - Bough
    [Tag:fiction, reality]
  • “- Ophelia: I'm not sure I've ever met a man quite like you, Basil.
    - Johnny English: Let me clear up the uncertainty for you. You haven't.”

    Olga Kurylenko - Ophelia Bhuletova
    Rowan Atkinson - Johnny English
    [Tag:men, originality]
  • “- Bough: Do you think we should get some petrol for the Aston, sir?
    - Johnny English: No. An Aston Martin is surprisingly economical, Bough.”

    Ben Miller - Bough
    Rowan Atkinson - Johnny English
  • “- Pegasus: Now, transport. So, take any hybrid you want.
    - Johnny English: [pulls the dust cover off an Aston Martin] I'll take this one.
    - Pegasus: Oh, don't be ridiculous, English. This car's a relic. Drinks petrol, leaks oil and has no passive, let alone active, safety features.
    - Bough: You know what else it doesn't have, Sir? Satellite...” (continue)
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    Adam James - Pegasus
    Rowan Atkinson - Johnny English
    Ben Miller - Bough
    [Tag:cars, technology]
  • “- Bough: Sir! Wonderful to see you!
    - Johnny English: Yes, alright Bough, we're going on a mission, not a honeymoon.”

    Ben Miller - Bough
    Rowan Atkinson - Johnny English