“The Bookshop” quotes

Movie The Bookshop
Isabel Coixet directed this movie in 2017
Title The Bookshop
Year 2017
Director Isabel Coixet
Genre Drama
Plot – The Bookshop is a 2017 drama film based on the 1978 novel of the same name by Penelope Fitzgerald. Set in England 1959 it follows lead character Florence Green, a free-spirited widow who puts grief behind her and risks everything to open a bookshop in the coastal town of Hardborough, Suffolk, against conservative and ruthless local opposition. By exposing the narrow-minded local townsfolk to literature, she causes a cultural awakening in a town which has not changed for centuries. But is there really a place for a bookshop in a town that may not want one?
All actors – Emily Mortimer, Bill Nighy, Hunter Tremayne, Honor Kneafsey, Michael Fitzgerald, Frances Barber, Reg Wilson, James Lance, Patricia Clarkson, Lucy Beckwith, Nigel O'Neill, Jorge Suquet, Harvey Bennett, Lana O'Kell, Adie Allen, Lucy Tillett, Toby Gibson, Gary Piquer, Alfie Rowland, Sophie Heydel, Mary O'Driscoll, Karen Ardiff, Charlotte Vega, Barry Barnes, Conor Smith, Rachel Gadd, James Murphy, Nick Devlin, Richard Felix, Franchesca McGill Perkins, Robbie Beggs, Reed Brody, Julie Christie, Ramón De España, Robert Forcadell, Corey Millar, Max Mir
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