“Leave It to Beaver” quotes

Movie Leave It to Beaver
Title Leave It to Beaver
Year 1997
Director Andy Cadiff
Genre Comedy, Family
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Plot – In Mayfield, Ohio, the Cleaver family seems to live in perfect harmony. Father Ward is all absorbed in his work, mother June looks after the house, the eldest son Wally is a bright athletic teenager. And then there is the younger one, Theodore, nicknamed Beaver, who the more tries to keep out of trouble the deeper he falls in. Beaver dreams of having a bicycle for himself and being able to get to school the same way as his friends. Clumsily he tells his parents and finally the bike arrives. Beaver rides cheerful through the streets, but when a friend of his brother's asks him to try it to do some tricks, Beaver gives it to him and the guy leaves and does not return. Beaver does not have the courage to confess the loss of the bicycle, but when it is discovered, his father's reproaches hurt him even more. He does not find comfort in Wally who, along with his friend Eddie, is busy trying to conquer the heart of a girl in their class. Beaver wants to live up to his father's expectations and one evening he remains locked inside a large cup that is used as an advertising sign for a bar. His father goes to save him and the two finally speak frankly to each other for the first time. Beaver goes home happy, ready to get into more trouble.
All actors – Christopher McDonald, Janine Turner, Cameron Finley, Erik von Detten, Adam Zolotin, Alan Rachins, Grace Phillips, Geoff Pierson, Barbara Billingsley, Ken Osmond, Frank Bank, Erika Christensen
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  • - Judy Hensler: Wow, Beaver. You really pulled up your grade. You got a "C".
    - Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver: Really?
    - Judy Hensler: Yeah! A "See me after class".

    Brighton Hertford - Judy Hensler
    Cameron Finley - Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver
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  • “Yo, I'm Gilbert. This summer, my parents shipped me off to camp. I caught impetigo. And when I got back, my dad had moved out. Only since then he moved back, but he's still sleeping in my room and I'm sleeping on the couch.”
    Louis Martin Braga III - Gilbert Bates
  • “I am very pleased with the results of the astronomy test. Although, there's still some confusion about Pluto. While its planetary classification is still uncertain, it is definitely not Mickey's dog.”
    Grace Phillips - Miss Landers