“Savage Streets” quotes

Movie Savage Streets
Title Savage Streets
Year 1984
Director Danny Steinmann
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller, Action
Interpreted by
All actors – Linda Blair, John Vernon, Robert Dryer, Johnny Venocur, Sal Landi, Scott Mayer, Debra Blee, Lisa Freeman, Marcia Karr, Luisa Leschin, Linnea Quigley, Ina Romeo
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  • “- Brenda: God, Wes? That faggot? Now who the hell wants him? If you could keep him away from me, I'd be eternally grateful to you.
    - Cindy Clark: You're the one who keeps leading him on!
    - Brenda: Let me make this simpler so that even YOU can understand. I wouldn't fuck him if he had the last dick on earth!”

    Linda Blair - Brenda
    Rebecca Perle - Cindy Clark
  • “Go fuck an iceberg!”
    John Vernon - Principal Underwood
  • “- Fargo: Well, well, well... what do we have here? The game's over, bitch. This time you're dead for sure. First, I'm gonna fuck you. Then, I'm gonna slice you into little pieces.
    - Brenda: Sounds nice and kinky to me. Too bad you're not double-jointed.
    - Fargo: Why?
    - Brenda: Because if it were, you'd be able to bend over and kiss your ass...” (continue)
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    Sal Landi - Fargo
    Linda Blair - Brenda
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