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  • “- Ezra Stiles: It's gonna be a monoplane.
    - Waldo Pepper: A monoplane. Are you telling me you're building me an airplane with only one wing?
    - Ezra Stiles: Just thought you'd like to know: the biplane's gone the way of the Dodo.”

    Edward Herrmann - Ezra Stiles
    Robert Redford - Waldo Pepper
  • “- Mr. Dingle: You know son... your mother and I, and the ambulance driver, and the coroner, and the embalmer, we're all pretty much convinced that you were dead.
    - Johnny: I got better.
    - Mr. Dingle: Well, welcome home, son.”

    Edward Herrmann - Mr. Dingle
    Andrew Lowery - Johnny
    [Tag:death, health, son]
  • “- Thomas Ince: You're a civilized man.
    - W. R. Hearst: Oh, and why does that surprise you, Tom?
    - Thomas Ince: Because you have the power to act uncivilized.”

    Cary Elwes - Thomas Ince
    Edward Herrmann - W.R. Hearst
    [Tag:ability, rudeness]
  • “The French suffered such catastrophic losses in the First World War. It really was the end of them as a great world power, although they, quote, 'won.'”
    Edward Herrmann
  • “I think it's much richer and much more fun to be an artist than to be anything else. I can't think of a better life than acting.”
    Edward Herrmann
  • “Cars were essential ingredients of life itself.”
    Edward Herrmann
  • “- Joanna: Try to understand, Grant, I don't love you anymore.
    - Grant Stayton III: What's love got to do with marriage?”

    Goldie Hawn - Joanna
    Edward Herrmann - Grant Stayton III
    [Tag:love, marriage]
  • - "Aunt" Beverly: The only way to get to a real court is to pay the money first.
    - Harry Johnson: A hundred and ninety thousand dollars?
    - "Aunt" Beverly: Then you have to sue the government to get it back.
    - Harry Johnson: Well that doesn't seem right.
    - "Aunt" Beverly: Well, the way things are and what's right are very seldom the same.

    Geraldine Page - "Aunt" Beverly
    Edward Herrmann - Harry Johnson
  • “- Ross: The man with one red shoe... what's going to happen to him?
    - Brown: He'll be just fine.
    - Ross: And the girl?
    - Brown: The deal was her testimony for her freedom. I think it was a fair exchange.
    - Ross: Well, I don't think so.
    - Brown: Well, since you're no longer director of CIA, and I am, it doesn't matter what you think.”

    Charles Durning - Ross
    Edward Herrmann - Brown
  • “- Sam Emerson: I bet you hate garlic, dontcha!
    - Max: No, I like garlic! It's just a little much! It's raw garlic.”

    Corey Haim - Sam
    Edward Herrmann - Max
  • “All that power in one place, boy. Hitler would have loved the IRS. So would Napoleon and Caesar, they'd understand it. I don't.”
    Edward Herrmann - Harry Johnson
  • “Before we prepare a case it is absolutely essential that we know the truth, so that we can teach our witnesses to articulate truth to our best advantage.”
    Edward Herrmann - Robert Payne
  • “- Richard Rich Sr.: Mount Richmore? I did say that we needed a family portrait, Regina. But this?
    - Regina Rich: Well, it was Rafaelle's idea. She's the artist. I didn't want to stifle her creativity.
    - Richard Rich Sr.: Oh, honey. You know I'm all for the arts. But don't you think it's a tad pretentious to have our faces 100 feet high?”

    Edward Herrmann - Richard Rich
    Christine Ebersole - Regina Rich
  • “- Thomas Ince: Can I be frank with you?
    - W. R. Hearst: You can be whoever you like.”

    Cary Elwes - Thomas Ince
    Edward Herrmann - W.R. Hearst
  • “- Miles Massey: You propose that, in spite demonstrable infidelity on your part, your unoffending wife should be tossed out on her ear.
    - Rex: Is it possible?
    - Miles Massey: It's a challenge.”

    George Clooney - Miles
    Edward Herrmann - Rex Rexroth
  • “- Richard Rich Sr.: Well, that's it, honey. We're out of Perrier, the caviar's gone, and there's no more melba toast. The only thing we've got left is a bottle of Dom.
    - Regina Rich: And this little pack of Bubblicious. Richie's favorite. He's only twelve years old, Richard. He's just a boy...”

    Edward Herrmann - Richard Rich
    Christine Ebersole - Regina Rich
  • “- Rex: My wife has me between a rock and a hard place.
    - Miles Massey: That's her job. You should respect that.”

    Edward Herrmann - Rex Rexroth
    George Clooney - Miles
    [Tag:power, respect, wife]
  • “- Brown: Wouldn't it bother you to send an innocent man to his grave?
    - Ross: Are you serious? We're talking about my career.
    - Brown: But I'm the one who picked him, sir.
    - Ross: Don't tell me you're having a guilty conscience.
    - Brown: It was his shoe. I could have picked a black man with a green raincoat. There was a Japanese guy with five...” (continue)
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    Edward Herrmann - Brown
    Charles Durning - Ross
  • “- Ernie: You're a fool, Johnson. I'm the United States Treasury, what are you?
    - Harry Johnson: I'm...
    - Ernie: You can't beat the United States government, Johnson. Not in a million years. The taxes will be paid. We'll get it one way, we get it another. But we will get it.”

    David Ogden Stiers - Ernie
    Edward Herrmann - Harry Johnson
  • “If all the people who ever tried to do anything to try to right some wrong had any idea how it would turn out, I don't think they'd ever begin.”
    Edward Herrmann - Harry Johnson
  • “- Herbert Arthur Runcible Cadbury: Excuse me, sir. It's a telephone call, from the President.
    - Richard Rich Sr.: Which country?
    - Herbert Arthur Runcible Cadbury: This one, sir.
    - Richard Rich Sr.: Probably needs another loan.”

    Jonathan Hyde - Herbert Arthur Runcible Cadbury
    Edward Herrmann - Richard Rich
  • Americans have risen up against tyranny before, and we will rise up again! In the words of another patriot: "We will gain the inevitable triumph, so help us God". It's time that somebody did something.
    Edward Herrmann - Harry Johnson
  • “If I was accused of murder I would have more legal rights than I know what to do with. But when the IRS audits you, they make you think you don't have any rights at all. They make their own laws. And they administer them, and they enforce them, and they prosecute them, and they judge them.”
    Edward Herrmann - Harry Johnson
    [Tag:judgment, law, rights]
  • “- Richard Rich Sr.: How do you put up with me, Regina?
    - Regina Rich: Well, you do have $70 billion.
    - Richard Rich Sr.: Is that the only reason?
    - Regina Rich: No. You also have a cute butt.
    - Richard Rich Sr.: Hey, Cadbury, did you hear that?
    - Herbert Arthur Runcible Cadbury: Indeed, sir. Madam admires your butt. I'm most delighted for you.”

    Edward Herrmann - Richard Rich
    Christine Ebersole - Regina Rich
    Jonathan Hyde - Herbert Arthur Runcible Cadbury
  • “I'm challenging the right of the IRS to destroy people, people like Beverly Paine. The God that gave us life gave us liberty at the same time. I think that most of you people will understand what I'm doing today. It's time to keep those liberties alive. I declare war on the IRS, and all the little men who have become their tyrants.”
    Edward Herrmann - Harry Johnson