“The In-Laws” quotes

Movie The In-Laws
Title The In-Laws
Year 2003
Director Andrew Fleming
Genre Comedy, Thriller, Action
Plot – Jerome Peyser is a podiatrist excited for the upcoming wedding of his daughter Melissa. The meeting with his future son-in-law's father Steve Tobias, a daredevil CIA agent, brings havoc in his daily life: a series of dangerous adventures will see the two men side by side travelling around the world but, when their guys will be in danger, what initially seemed a mismatched pair will become a formidable duo.
All actors – Michael Douglas, Michael Bodnar, Vladimir Radian, Robin Tunney, Albert Brooks, Boyd Banks, Susan Aceron, Lindsay Sloane, Maria Ricossa, Ryan Reynolds, Tseng Chang, Tamara Gorski, Matt Birman, A. Russell Andrews, Richard Waugh, Sergio Di Zio, Aaron Abrams, Emmy Laybourne, Novie Edwards, Tamara Levitt, Jeanie Calleja, Miranda Black, Gregory Vitale, Jeremy Mosier, Marcel Brouillet, Michel Brouillet, Stefano Rocchetti, Billy Khoury, Luke Vitale, David Suchet, Paul Robbins, Mike Beaver, Candice Bergen, Drew Lee, Matthew Lantz, Harry Wayne Casey, Maria De Crescenzo, Charlotte McKinnon, Jason Frost, Ralph Hunter, Stephen Lashley, Adjeti Osekre, Peter Brewer, Kenner Ames, Eric Fink, Cara Pifko, David Christo, Aaron Alexander, Perry Perlmutar, Jack Duffy
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