“The Paper Boy” quotes

Movie The Paper Boy
Title The Paper Boy
Year 1994
Director Douglas Jackson
Genre Horror, Thriller
All actors – Alexandra Paul, Marc Marut, Brigid Tierney, William Katt, Frances Bay, Krista Errickson, Barry Flatman, Karyn Dwyer, Jenny Campbell, Mathieu Kermoyan, Claire Riley, Derek Johnston
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  • “God hates stupid children!”
    Marc Marut - Johnny McFarley
  • “If you're not gonna be part of my family, you're not going to be part of anyone else's family.”
    Marc Marut - Johnny McFarley
    [Tag:family, jealousy]
  • “Mrs. Rosemont shouldn't say anything bad about my mother! She's in heaven 'cuz she's good!... Jesus doesn't take bad people.”
    Marc Marut - Johnny McFarley
  • “- Melissa Thorpe: Johnny might be disturbing, but... a murderer?
    - Mrs. Rosemont: She was afraid... and then she was dead. That's when I knew he had the mark.
    - Melissa Thorpe: Mrs. Rosemont, listen to me. The only marks on that boy are those put there by his mother! Johnny's mother abused him and his father's now neglecting him! Somebody's...” (continue)
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    Alexandra Paul - Melissa Thorpe
    Frances Bay - Mrs. Rosemont