“The Call of the Wild” quotes

Movie The Call of the Wild
Title The Call of the Wild
Year 1935
Director William A. Wellman
Genre Drama, Romance, Adventure, Western, Action
Plot – Two young gold diggers are going to a mine, but along the way they meet an abandoned woman, who is the legitimate owner of the mine together with her husband, who has disappeared. The three get to the mine and soon a stranger arrives too, robbing the group and running away. The woman decides to get back with her husband, left injured by the scoundrel along the path, leaving the two gold diggers to their destiny.
All actors – Clark Gable, Loretta Young, Jack Oakie, Reginald Owen, Frank Conroy, Katherine DeMille, Sidney Toler, James Burke, Charles Stevens, Lalo Encinas, Thomas E. Jackson, Russ Powell
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