“Dodsworth” quotes

Movie Dodsworth
William Wyler directed this movie in 1936
Title Dodsworth
Year 1936
Director William Wyler
Genre Drama, Romance
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All actors – Walter Huston, Ruth Chatterton, Paul Lukas, Mary Astor, Kathryn Marlowe, David Niven, Gregory Gaye, Maria Ouspenskaya, Odette Myrtil, John Payne, Spring Byington, Harlan Briggs
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  • “Love has got to stop some place short of suicide.”
    Walter Huston - Sam Dodsworth
    [Tag:love, suicide]
  • “- Edith Cortright: Would you like to enjoy life for a while?
    - Sam Dodsworth: Show me how.”

    Mary Astor - Edith Cortright
    Walter Huston - Sam Dodsworth
    [Tag:enjoyment, life]
  • “- Sam Dodsworth: You want to divorce me then?
    - Fran Dodsworth: Why should I want to divorce you? You're my husband.
    - Sam Dodsworth: You couldn't very well divorce me if I weren't.”

    Walter Huston - Sam Dodsworth
    Ruth Chatterton - Fran Dodsworth
    [Tag:divorce, husband]
  • “I want a new life, all over from the very beginning. A perfectly glorious, free, adventurous life.”

    Ruth Chatterton - Fran Dodsworth
  • “I want to sit under a linden tree with nothing more important to worry about but the temperature of the beer. If there is anything more important.”
    Walter Huston - Sam Dodsworth
    [Tag:drinking, worry]
  • “I suppose people travel to get away from themselves.”
    Mary Astor - Edith Cortright
  • “I'm willing to do anything I can to make you happy. I love you. You know that.”

    Walter Huston - Sam Dodsworth
  • “- Fran Dodsworth: You're hopeless - you haven't the mistiest notion of civilization.
    - Sam Dodsworth: Yeah, well maybe I don't think so much of it, though. Maybe clean hospitals, concrete highways, and no soldiers along the Canadian border come near my idea of civilization.”

    Ruth Chatterton - Fran Dodsworth
    Walter Huston - Sam Dodsworth
  • “I'm out to make a new life for myself. I'm out to learn how to enjoy my leisure, now I've retired. I've been doing things people expected of me always. I want to feel free.”
    Walter Huston - Sam Dodsworth
  • “I'm out to see the world I haven't seen and get a perspective on the USA. I might get to know myself at the same time. I might even get to know my wife.”
    Walter Huston - Sam Dodsworth
  • “I thought civilized people knew where an innocent flirtation stops. For a civilized woman who's been married as long as you have, you're making a great deal of a small matter.”

    David Niven - Captain Lockert