“The Wings of the Dove” quotes

Movie The Wings of the Dove
Title The Wings of the Dove
Year 1997
Director Iain Softley
Genre Drama, Romance
Plot – In 1910, the young Londoner Kate is involved in a passionate love affair with the idealistic, penniless journalist Merton behind her aunt Maude's back. Kate has been raised by her aunt, following her mother's death and the estrangement of her father; the latter is a disrespectable man and his daughter cannot see him, otherwise she will risk losing her privileged position. Merton, however, cannot stand keeping their relationship secret and Kate, unwilling to lose her livelihood, decides to break up with him. Meanwhile Millie, an American heiress who befriends Kate, arrives in London. After a party, the American confesses to her new friend that she finds Merton attractive. Since Kate learns from Lord Mark that Millie is seriously ill, she decides to follow her friend on a trip to Venice. From there, Kate writes to Merton telling him to join them. As soon as Merton arrives, Kate tells him that Millie is in love with him and also informs him of her disease. During a Carnival party, Millie declares her feelings to Merton, who accepts her declaration following the advice of Kate, with whom he is still in love. However, Lord Mark reveals the truth to Millie, who gets worse and dies. Merton and Kate spend the night together and he tells her he wants to marry her, independently of Millie's money. Kate agrees on the condition that he swears he is not in love with Millie, even in memory.
All actors – Helena Bonham Carter, Linus Roache, Alex Jennings, Charlotte Rampling, Ben Miles, Philip Wright, Michael Gambon, Alexander John, Alison Elliott, Elizabeth McGovern, Shirley Chantrell, Diana Kent
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