“Three O'Clock High” quotes

Movie Three O'Clock High
Title Three O'Clock High
Year 1987
Director Phil Joanou
Genre Comedy
Plot – The assignment of gentle and minute Jerry Mitchell for the school newspaper is to interview Buddy Revell, a new student who has the reputation of being a brute and a thug. Without meaning to, Mitchell makes him angry and nervous and Revell, to make him pay, challenges him to a fight in the school parking lot at three o'clock after school. Jerry's day will thus turns into a race against time to avoid the fight of the afternoon.
All actors – Casey Siemaszko, Annie Ryan, Richard Tyson, Stacey Glick, Jonathan Wise, Jeffrey Tambor, Philip Baker Hall, John P. Ryan, Liza Morrow, Scott Schutzman Tiler, Guy Massey, Theron Read
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