“Two Hands” quotes

Movie Two Hands
Title Two Hands
Year 1999
Director Gregor Jordan
Genre Comedy, Crime, Thriller
Plot – The young Jimmy meets Pando, a boss of the Mafia who offers him a job as delivery man of dirty money. However, the meeting with the pretty Alex distracts Jimmy and someone steals the money. Jimmy tries to organize a robbery to fix the situation, but things don’t end well. In the meantime, the guys who found Pando’s money irrationally spend them. When Jimmy finally fixes everything, he understands that Alex can give him a better future than the criminal life.
All actors – Heath Ledger, Bryan Brown, David Field, Tom Long, Tony Forrow, Steven Vidler, Dale Kalnins, Kiri Paramore, Bill Drury, David Moeaki, Mathew Wilkinson, Rose Byrne
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  • “Your queen is in deep shit.”
    Tom Long - Wally
  • “Something that's good can still have a little bit of bad in it, and something that's bad still has a little bit of good.”
    Steven Vidler - The Man
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  • “You loaded your gun with old fucking bullets you put through the fucking wash?”
    Bryan Brown - Pando
  • “- Acko: He's not taking my fucking car!
    - Pando: It's only gonna take twenty minutes, he needs a car, so give him your fucking keys.
    - Acko: I just got the gearbox fixed.
    - Pando: Good, that means it works, now give him your fucking keys.”

    David Field - Acko
    Bryan Brown - Pando
  • “If your going through some shit in your life chances are somebody else has gone through the same thing before ya. And they've written about it. Some poet or philosopher has been through the same type of crap, and they've written about it. And when you find that poem or piece of writing. You think bloody hell this bastard has just summed it all...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Steven Vidler - The Man