“We Are Still Here” quotes

Movie We Are Still Here
Title We Are Still Here
Year 2015
Director Ted Geoghegan
Genre Horror
Plot – After their teenage son is killed in a car accident, Paul and Anne decide to move to the peaceful New England countryside to overcome their pain. Still mourning, the two unknowingly become prey to a family of vengeful spirits that reside in their new home. Before long, they will discover that the apparent tranquility of the town hides terrifying secrets.
All actors – Barbara Crampton, Andrew Sensenig, Lisa Marie, Larry Fessenden, Monte Markham, Susan Gibney, Michael Patrick Nicholson, Kelsea Dakota, Guy Gane, Elissa Dowling, Zorah Burress, Marvin Patterson
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  • “The town ran him, his wife, and their little girl out on a rail. Was just the saddest thing. They moved to Providence, but his family just couldn't stand the sight of him. Old Dagmar drank himself to death no more than a year later. They say he was no more than a shell of a man at the end.”

    Monte Markham - Dave McCabe
    [Tag:death, family, sorrow]
  • “- Paul Sacchetti: I think we can call it the Sacchetti house now.
    - Dave McCabe: Oh, it's still Dagmar's house.”

    Andrew Sensenig - Paul Sacchetti
    Monte Markham - Dave McCabe
    [Tag:evil, house, name]
  • “It's been 30 years since we've had fresh souls in the Dagmar house...”
    Monte Markham - Dave McCabe
    [Tag:family, house, wonder]
  • “You're not leaving here. You stay, you satisfy the darkness.”
    Monte Markham - Dave McCabe
  • “You're gonna listen to that old bastard? We were good people! This town murdered my family - sacrificed them to the gods they dug up when they built this place! Oh, nobody knew what was under this house until it was too late!”

    Larry Fessenden - Jacob Lewis
    [Tag:death, evil, regret]