15 Movie Quotes about Time

15 Movie Quotes about Time

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Carpe Diem

Time flies by fast, wether we like it or not. Our time on this planet is limited so why waste it foolishly and thoughtlessly on meaningless things we shouldn't be doing? It should be cherished and valued before it's too late. Wasting time means wasting opportunities. Pursue your dreams and passions, learn from others, grow in the process, go out there and do great things. There is no tomorrow or yesterday, it is always “today”.

From the movie: The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

“Time is the stuff that when you spend it, you don’t get it back.”

Kyle Allen - Mark

From the movie: Cast Away

“We live and we die by time, and we must not commit the sin of turning our back on time.”

Tom Hanks - Chuck Noland

From the movie: Doctor Strange

“Death is what gives life meaning. To know your days are numbered. Your time is short.”

Tilda Swinton - The Ancient One

From the movie: Doctor Strange

“People think in terms of good and evil, but really, time is the true enemy of us all. Time kills everything.”

Mads Mikkelsen - Kaecilius

From the movie: Christopher Robin

“There's always time for a smackeral of wonder.”

Jim Cummings - Winnie the Pooh

From the movie: The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

“Mark-So, what have you been up to with infinite time?
Margaret-Oh, you know, like solving crimes, and teaching myself how to drive.”

Kyle Allen - Mark
Kathryn Newton - Margaret

From the movie: The Midnight Sky

“Been thinking a lot about time... and how it gets used and why. Why one person lives a lifetime and another only gets a few years.”

Demián Bichir - Sanchez

From the TV Series: The Crown

“It is better to be patient and get what you desire in the right time, than have high office thrust upon you when you are not ready.”

Jared Harris - King George VI

“In terms of my free time, I really don't have much. The time I do have, I enjoy being domestic and spending time with my girlfriend, hiking and playing tennis.”

Corey Stoll

From the TV Series: Scrubs

“You know, when you stop being frightened, time really is on your side. And you can just go on being you.”

Zach Braff - J.D.

From the movie: Beat the Devil

“Time. What is time? Swiss manufacture it. French hoard it. Italians squander it. Americans say it is money. Hindus say it does not exist. Do you know what I say? I say time is a crook.”

Peter Lorre - Julius O'Hara

From the movie: Shane

“Never's a long time, Marian.”

Alan Ladd - Shane

From the movie: A Matter of Life and Death

“After all, what is time? A mere tyranny.”

Marius Goring - Conductor 71

From the movie: The Laundromat

“Some people believe that time is just an illusion. That all moments are the same moment.”

Gary Leonard Oldman - Jürgen Mossack

From the movie: The Mule

“It's just time is all. I could buy everything, but I couldn't buy time.”

Clint Eastwood - Earl Stone

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