15 Movie Quotes about Death

15 Movie Quotes about Death

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Life is short, death is forever

We all have a different view on death, depending on our personal experiences, religious or spiritual beliefs, culture, family and history. The one thing we all have in common is that death will be a significant part of our lives. Death is the opposite of life. More precisely, it’s the end of life. But is death larger than life and does it annihilate  life altogether? The goal isn’t to live forever, but to create something that will. Because life is fragile and death inevitable, we must make the most of each day. Check our top 15 movie quotes about death.

From the TV Series: Dark

“There was this sadness in his eyes. The kind you sometimes see in those who want to die, but life won’t let them.”

Mark Waschke - Noah

From the TV Series: Vikings

“In my world, you must have a life worth living before you can even consider death.”

Dianne Doan - Yidu

From the TV Series: Vikings

“I always believed that death is a fate far better than life, for you will be reunited with lost loved ones. ”

Travis Fimmel - Ragnar Lothbrok

From the TV Series: Vikings

“I cannot stop thinking about death. Death intrigues me. The death of children. The death of friends. But my own death continues to elude me. In my world, it is believed that the day of your death is fated. Would you like to know the day of your death?”

Travis Fimmel - Ragnar Lothbrok

From the TV Series: Hannibal

“I've always found the idea of death comforting. The thought that my life could end at any moment frees me to fully appreciate the beauty and art and horror of everything this world has to offer.”

Mads Mikkelsen - Dr. Hannibal Lecter

From the TV Series: The X Files

“Conscience is just the voices of the dead trying to save us from our own damnation.”

Robert Clothier - Christopher Johansen

From the TV Series: Dexter

“Just when you think you’ve answered all the questions, another one smacks you in the face: life, life, life. Life is just like that. Which is why I prefer death.”

Michael C. Hall - Dexter Morgan

From the TV Series: Dexter

“There are few milestones in life that evoke a stronger response than our final act. Death.”

Michael C. Hall - Dexter Morgan

From the TV Series: Dexter

“Most people have a hard time dealing with death, but I’m not most people. It’s the grief that makes me uncomfortable. Not because I’m a killer. Really—I just don’t understand all that emotion—which makes it tough to fake.”

Michael C. Hall - Dexter Morgan

From the TV Series: Desperate Housewives

“As much as death takes from us, it also gives. It teaches us what is truly important, like giving back after a lifetime of taking, going after something we should have never let go of, or looking on to what made us who we are.”

Brenda Strong - Mary Alice Young

From the TV Series: Pretty Little Liars

“People leave, people die. That’s the only sure thing there is in this world.”

Cody Christian - Mike Montgomery

From the TV Series: Gilmore Girls

“It’s all any of us wants, to find a nice person to hang out with ‘til we drop dead.”

Lauren Graham - Lorelai Gilmore

From the TV Series: Euphoria

“Real love is when you can’t exist without someone, when you’d rather die than be apart.”

Zendaya - Rue Bennett

From the TV Series: The Twilight Zone

“Every man is put on earth condemned to die. Time and method of execution unknown.”

Rod Serling - Narrator

From the TV Series: House of Cards

“You have to respect your own mortality.”

Kevin Spacey - Francis Underwood