“American Flyers” quotes

Movie American Flyers
Title American Flyers
Year 1985
Director John Badham
Genre Drama, Sport
All actors – Kevin Costner, David Marshall Grant, Rae Dawn Chong, Alexandra Paul, Janice Rule, Luca Bercovici, Robert Townsend, John Amos, Doi Johnson, John Garber, Jennifer Grey, James Terry
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  • “How can you be sick? You have a mustache.”

    David Marshall Grant - David
    [Tag:beard, disease]
  • “- Woman Reporter: It's a big day for American cycling, to have two Americans beat an Olympic champ. You must feel some pride.
    - Jerome: Come on man, walk it off.
    - Muzzin: No, no, I'm alright. OK. I'm not riding for America lady. I tried riding for America. I spent four years of my life working shitty jobs so I could train and make the Olympic...” (continue)
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    Judith Jordan - Woman Reporter
    Robert Townsend - Jerome
    Luca Bercovici - Muzzin
  • - Marcus Sommers: What are you doing now Davy?
    - David: "I'm studying eastern philosophy and cowboy movies. The ying, the yang and the bang bang"!

    Kevin Costner - Marcus Sommers
    David Marshall Grant - David