“Beowulf” quotes

Movie Beowulf
Title Beowulf
Year 1999
Director Graham Baker
Genre Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller, Adventure, Fantasy, Action
All actors – Christopher Lambert, Rhona Mitra, Oliver Cotton, Götz Otto, Vincent Hammond, Charles Robinson, Brent Jefferson Lowe, Roger Sloman, Layla Roberts, Robert Willox, Patricia Velasquez, Marcel Cobzariu
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  • “I must fight the evil to keep from becoming evil.”
    Christopher Lambert - Beowulf
  • “You know Carl, with all the cool ways to die around here, I'd rather not go by heart-attack.”
    Brent Jefferson Lowe - Will
  • “- Beowulf: It's not safe to be with me.
    - Kyra: It's clear to me that by your side is the safest place there is.
    - Beowulf: I can't make you any guarantees.
    - Kyra: I'll take that chance.”

    Christopher Lambert - Beowulf
    Rhona Mitra - Kyra
  • “You don't have to be good all the time. Just when it matters.”
    Christopher Lambert - Beowulf
  • “- Weaponsmaster: Only a fool would want to come to this damn place.
    - Beowulf: Unless he was already damned.”

    Charles Robinson - Weaponsmaster
    Christopher Lambert - Beowulf
    [Tag:curse, madness]
  • “- Beowulf: How big was it? What kind of armour? Was it sheilded? Was it exposed?
    - Will: It was... it was ugly, man.”

    Christopher Lambert - Beowulf
    Brent Jefferson Lowe - Will
    [Tag:monster, ugliness]
  • “- Beowulf: You were right. It was your magic that brought me here.
    - Kyra: And it will be my magic that brings you back.”

    Christopher Lambert - Beowulf
    Rhona Mitra - Kyra
  • “- Kyra: You should be dead.
    - Beowulf: Many times.”

    Rhona Mitra - Kyra
    Christopher Lambert - Beowulf