“The 13th Warrior” quotes

Movie The 13th Warrior
John McTiernan directed this movie in 1999
Title The 13th Warrior
Year 1999
Directors John McTiernan, Michael Crichton
Genre Horror, Thriller, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Action
Plot – Year 1000 is approaching in Baghdad and Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan has a high rank social position, but the privileges end when his forbidden relationship is discovered. As a punishment, he is sent as ambassador to a distant land. During the travel with his counselor and servant Melchisidek, their caravan bumps into a group of Viking warriors. They try to make friendship, but Ahmed considers those Vikings boorish and their stories about mysterious and terrifying creatures are not worth their time. An old fortune-teller intervenes telling Ahmed that thirteen warriors will have to defeat a terrible enemy which pursues Viking people. Moreover, the last one of them must be a foreigner of a different race.
All actors – Antonio Banderas, Vladimir Kulich, Dennis Storhøi, Daniel Southern, Neil Maffin, John DeSantis, Clive Russell, Mischa Hausserman, Oliver Sveinall, Asbjørn 'Bear' Riis, Richard Bremmer, Tony Curran, Albie Woodington, Omar Sharif, Erick Avari, Sven Wollter, Diane Venora, Anders T. Andersen, Maria Bonnevie, Richard Ooms, Dylan Gray Woodley, Bjørn Ove Pedersen, Scott Elam, Ghoncheh Tazmini, Joe Bulatti, Mina E. Mina, Mona Storhøi, Turid Balke, Suzanne Bertish, Susan Willis, Yolande Bavan, Clare Lapinskie, Tarik Batal, Brett Reyez, Akesh Gill, Natalia MacLeod, Kaaren de Zilva, Layla Alizada, Sven-Ole Thorsen, Alaina Lander, Jeremy Van der Driesen, Al Hachlaf, Brian Jensen, Michael Jonsson, Alex Zahara, Mark Acheson, John 'Bear' Curtis, Andrew Kavadas, Gunnar Skjavestad, Malcolm Jolly, Owen Walstrom, Greg Michaels, Chris Angel
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  • “- Wigliff - King's Son: This gentleman has the look of a great warrior, no doubt he's very brave. But to face the Wendo, he'll need some amazing luck.
    - Buliwyf - Leader: Luck often enough, will save a man, if his courage hold.”

    Anders T. Andersen - Wigliff - King's Son
    Vladimir Kulich - Buliwyf - Leader
    [Tag:courage, luck]
  • “A man might be thought wealthy if someone were to draw the story of his deeds, that they may be remembered.”
    Vladimir Kulich - Buliwyf - Leader
  • “- Herger - Joyous: Did she finish you off or bring you back to life?
    - Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: A gentleman doesn't discuss such things.”

    Dennis Storhøi - Herger - Joyous
    Antonio Banderas - Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan
  • “- Buliwyf - Leader: You can draw sounds?
    - Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: Draw sounds? Yes, I can draw sounds... and I can speak them back.
    - Buliwyf - Leader: Show me.
    - Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: [drawing in the sand] There is only one God, and Mohammad is his prophet.”

    Vladimir Kulich - Buliwyf - Leader
    Antonio Banderas - Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan
    [Tag:god, sound, writing]
  • “- Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: Ow!
    - Olga: That's a woman's sound.
    - Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: Do that again and you'll make it.”

    Antonio Banderas - Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan
    Maria Bonnevie - Olga
    [Tag:pain, sound, wound]
  • “- Herger - Joyous: Where did you learn our language?
    - Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: I listened!”

    Dennis Storhøi - Herger - Joyous
    Antonio Banderas - Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan
  • “- Angus (Red Hair Giant): You dig like a dog.
    - Herger - Joyous: Did you call me a dog?
    - Angus (Red Hair Giant): I said you dig like one. Flinging Earth carelessly like an animal.
    - Herger - Joyous: So, now I'm an animal?
    - Angus (Red Hair Giant): You're not listening.
    - Herger - Joyous: I'm deaf?
    - Angus (Red Hair Giant): You're a fool, little...” (continue)
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    Chris Angel - Angus (Red Hair Giant)
    Dennis Storhøi - Herger - Joyous
  • “- Herger - Joyous: We shall pray for your safe return!
    - Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: Pray to whom?
    - Herger - Joyous: In your land one God may be enough, but here we have need of many. I will pray to all of them for you. Do not be offended!
    - Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: I'll be in your debt!”

    Dennis Storhøi - Herger - Joyous
    Antonio Banderas - Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan
    [Tag:debt, god, prayer]
  • - Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: My name is Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan Ibn Al Abbas Ibn Rashid Ibn Hamad.
    - Herger - Joyous: Eben?
    - Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: No, listen, My name is Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan. "Ibn" means "son of".

    Antonio Banderas - Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan
    Dennis Storhøi - Herger - Joyous
  • “For all we ought to have thought, and have not thought; all we ought to have said, and have not said; all we ought to have done, and have not done; I pray thee, God, for forgiveness.”
    Antonio Banderas - Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan