“Crooklyn” quotes

Movie Crooklyn
Spike Lee directed this movie in 1994
Title Crooklyn
Year 1994
Director Spike Lee
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – Woody is an unemployed jazz musician who refuses to adapt his style to the current tastes of the public. His four children only watch television, gorge themselves with junk food and try to get out of troubles. When the family is beset by problems, it takes sense of humor to deal with the little joys and frequent concerns.
All actors – Alfre Woodard, Delroy Lindo, David Patrick Kelly, Zelda Harris, Carlton Williams, Sharif Rashed, Tse-Mach Washington, Christopher Knowings, José Zúñiga, Isaiah Washington, Ivelka Reyes, Spike Lee
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  • “- Carolyn Carmichael: Wendell, please close your mouth when you chew!
    - Wendell: Why can't you let me eat in peace for once?
    - Carolyn Carmichael: Because you disturbing the peace! You eat like a pig and chew like a cow!”

    Alfre Woodard - Carolyn Carmichael
    Sharif Rashed - Wendell
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  • “- Woody Carmichael: Let me tell you, I got to be like a thief in the night in this house every time I want to get some privacy to do my work!
    - Carolyn Carmichael: You selfishchild! Don't tell me about privacy!
    - Woody Carmichael: Selfish nothing! Selfish nothing!
    - Carolyn Carmichael: Yes, you are selfish! I can't even take a piss without six...” (continue)
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    Delroy Lindo - Woody Carmichael
    Alfre Woodard - Carolyn Carmichael