“Death Wish II” quotes

Movie Death Wish II
Title Death Wish II
Year 1982
Director Michael Winner
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller, Action
All actors – Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, Vincent Gardenia, J.D. Cannon, Anthony Franciosa, Ben Frank, Robin Sherwood, Silvana Gallardo, Robert F. Lyons, Michael Prince, Drew Snyder, Paul Lambert, Thomas F. Duffy, Kevyn Major Howard, Stuart K. Robinson, Laurence Fishburne, E. Lamont Johnson, Paul Comi, Frank Campanella, Hugh Warden, Jim Begg, Melody Santangello, Robert Snively, Steffen Zacharias, Don Moss, Charles Cyphers, Peter Pan, David Daniels, Don Dubbins, James Galante, Buck Young, Karsen Lee, Leslie Graves, Teresa Baxter, Cindy Daly, Susannah Darrow, Henry Capps, Joshua Gallegos, Paul McCallum, Roberta Collins, Diane Markoff, Cynthia Burr, Michael Tavon, Ezekiel Moss, C. Ransom Walrod, Gary Boyle, Ava Lazar, Fred Saxon, Henny Youngman, Blair Farrington Group, Ginny Cooper, Lesa Weis, Twyla Littleton, Diane Manzo, Terry Leonard, Rick Schmidlin
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  • “- Inspector Lt. Mankiewicz: You and your wife were attacked by four muggers and then all of a sudden this guy comes out from nowhere and begins shooting, killing these two here... and you don't know what he looks like?
    - Tourist: He saved our lives, dammit! Where were you, giving out parking tickets?
    - Inspector Lt. Mankiewicz: I want a...” (continue)
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    Ben Frank - Inspector Lt. Mankiewicz
    Jim Begg - Tourist
  • “- Elliott Cass: Betty's giving a new building party next Thursday. We'd like you to join us.
    - Paul Kersey: I'll be there.
    - Elliott Cass: Are you sure you're free?
    - Paul Kersey: What else would I be doing?”

    Michael Prince - Elliott Cass
    Charles Bronson - Paul Kersey
    [Tag:party, solitude]
  • “- Paul Kersey: You believe in Jesus?
    - Stomper: Yes, I do.
    - Paul Kersey: Well, you're gonna meet him.”

    Charles Bronson - Paul Kersey
    Kevyn Major Howard - Stomper
    [Tag:faith, killing]
  • “- Paul Kersey: He raped and killed my daughter.
    - Donald Kay: I know. I know who you are, Mr. Kersey. I read about that in the newspapers. I'll give you three minutes before I sound the alarm. You're wasting time.”

    Charles Bronson - Paul Kersey
    Charles Cyphers - Donald Kay
    [Tag:killing, revenge]