“Drillbit Taylor” quotes

Movie Drillbit Taylor
Title Drillbit Taylor
Year 2008
Director Steven Brill
Genre Comedy, Drama
All actors – Nate Hartley, Troy Gentile, Ian Roberts, Owen Wilson, Casey Boersma, Dylan Boersma, Lisa Ann Walter, Beth Littleford, David Koechner, Matt Walsh, Janet Varney, Lisa Lampanelli
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  • Kids hiring a bodyguard to take care of a bullying? Stupidest thing I ever heard.”
    Adam Baldwin - Disgruntled Bodyguard
  • “- Drillbit Taylor: So what'd you do to provoke him?
    - Wade: Well he's fat, he's a dork, and I'm awesome.”

    Owen Wilson - Drillbit Taylor
    Nate Hartley - Wade
    [Tag:fighting, insult]
  • “- Drillbit Taylor: You'd be surprised, anything can be turned into a weapon of mayhem or destruction.
    - Emmit: Even a puppy?
    - Drillbit Taylor: Especially a puppy. The Germans used em' in World War I. De Hundin Schtorman, Lightning Dog. They'd attach dynamite to them.”

    Owen Wilson - Drillbit Taylor
    David Dorfman - Emmit
    [Tag:dogs, killing, weapons]
  • “- Drillbit Taylor: I'm Drillbit Taylor... US Army ranger, black-ops operative, decorated marksman, improvised weapons expert.
    - Wade: Are you still in the military?
    - Drillbit Taylor: I was discharged... unauthorized heroism.”

    Owen Wilson - Drillbit Taylor
    Nate Hartley - Wade
    [Tag:army, heroes]
  • “- Buyer: I tell you what, I'll give you 1,500 for everything.
    - Don: 1,500? Come on, man. This stuff holds a lot of sentimental value.
    - Buyer: To who?
    - Don: To the poeple I stole it from.
    - Buyer: I don't care about them. 1,500.”

    Danny McBride - Don
    [Tag:theft, worth]