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Adam Baldwin quotes
  • “- Lawrence Isabella: I've heard a lot about you.
    - Joey Rosselini: Yeah? Good things, I hope.”

    Ben Stiller - Lawrence Isabella
    Adam Baldwin - Joey Rosselini
  • “- Ricky Linderman: You're a pretty good fighter back there. I have this idea. Will you be my body guard? I'll pay fifty cents every day. I'll do your homework for you. I'm pretty smart.
    - Clifford Peache: Not interested.”

    Adam Baldwin - Linderman
    Chris Makepeace - Clifford
  • Kids hiring a bodyguard to take care of a bullying? Stupidest thing I ever heard.”
    Adam Baldwin - Disgruntled Bodyguard
  • “- Col. Harry Burwell: This is not a war for the independence of one or two colonies, but for the independence of one nation.
    - Capt. Wilkins: Tell me, Colonel, what nation is that?
    - Peter Howard: An American nation!”

    Chris Cooper - Col. Harry Burwell
    Adam Baldwin - Capt. Wilkins
    Joey D. Vieira - Peter Howard
  • “- Sgt. Hastings: My men are soldiers in the United States Cavalry! And they are prepared to die for their country!
    - Beauchamp: With all due respect, sir, you're out of your fuckin' mind.”

    Adam Baldwin - Sgt. Hastings
    James Oscar Lee - Beauchamp
  • “- Melvin Moody: You broke my nose!
    - Ricky Linderman: It looks better that way!”

    Matt Dillon - Moody
    Adam Baldwin - Linderman
    [Tag:appearance, nose]
  • “- Joey Rosselini: You know, Gerald, I've dealt with niggers, kikes, pollacks, chinks, spics. God made it, I've seen it. But you fucking hillbillies, you are the dumbest that I've met!
    - Gerald Gates: Go to Hell!
    - Joey Rosselini: You know, Gerald, I gotta hand it to you, you got balls. Stupid as shit, but major balls.”

    Adam Baldwin - Joey Rosselini
    Bill Paxton - Gerald Gates
    [Tag:courage, insult]
  • “What's the last thing that goes through a bug's mind when it hits a windshield? It's ass!”
    Adam Baldwin - Tate
    [Tag:accident, insects]
  • “I'm warning you. I should've paint the seat with your brains, boy.”

    Adam Baldwin - Tate
    [Tag:killing, threat]
  • “- Canaan: Are you the law?
    - Sgt. Hastings: The closest thing they got in this shit hole, yes.”

    Armand Assante - Canaan
    Adam Baldwin - Sgt. Hastings
    [Tag:justice, law]
  • “- Clifford Peache: You don't talk to anybody for more than a year. You walk around like a damn ape for nothing.
    - Ricky Linderman: Shut up, Clifford!
    - Clifford Peache: You build a bike for no reason, to go nowhere. And then you let some jerk throw it into the lake.
    - Ricky Linderman: Shut up!
    - Clifford Peache: All because of something you had...” (continue)
    (continue reading)
    Chris Makepeace - Clifford
    Adam Baldwin - Linderman
    [Tag:brothers, killing]
  • “- Canaan: Aren't you going to wish me luck?
    - Sgt. Hastings: Why don't you go to hell?
    - Canaan: Well, that'll do.”

    Armand Assante - Canaan
    Adam Baldwin - Sgt. Hastings
    [Tag:greeting, luck]
  • “He was only 9. I practically raised him since he was 2. Drive you crazy! Tell him to sit down, he'd stand up. Tell him do his homework, he'd read a comic book. Couldn't eat food without spitting it at you. A real shoplifter too. Go through a store, half of it'd wind up in his pocket. He was a good kid. A real handful, though. Poor little guy......” (continue)(continue reading)

    Adam Baldwin - Linderman
  • “- Capt. Wilkins: Ready to fire the town on your order, sir.
    - Col. William Tavington: [laughs] The town? Burn the church.”

    Adam Baldwin - Capt. Wilkins
    Jason Isaacs - Col. William Tavington
    [Tag:fire, killing]
  • “- Sgt. Hastings: Do these dead men belong to you?
    - Canaan: They just came with the horses.”

    Adam Baldwin - Sgt. Hastings
    Armand Assante - Canaan
    [Tag:death, horses]
  • “- Clifford Peache: What does your dad do?
    - Ricky Linderman: He watches TV.”

    Chris Makepeace - Clifford
    Adam Baldwin - Linderman
    [Tag:father, laziness]
  • “What do I think about the U.S. involvement in the war? I think we should win it.”

    Adam Baldwin - Animal Mother
    [Tag:america, war, winning]
  • We were home alone. We were playing with my dad's gun. I was showing off. Showing off, you know, like a goddamn fool! He said "Let me hold it", and I said "No. No, you're not allowed to", and he got mad and he grabbed it... and it fired. God, I was laughing. I was laughing when it went off. Blood gushed out of the side of his head and he didn't... (continue)(continue reading)
    Adam Baldwin - Linderman