“Fallen Angel” quotes

Movie Fallen Angel
Otto Preminger directed this movie in 1945
Title Fallen Angel
Year 1945
Director Otto Preminger
Genre Crime, Film-Noir, Mystery
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Plot – Eric Stanton is forced to get off a bus because he doesn't have enough money to get to San Francisco, which is about 150 miles away. The man walks until he reaches Pop's Eats and meets a group of men that are looking for the waitress, Stella. Apparently, every man in the city is in love with her. This is how the story of Eric Stanton starts.
In order to win the beautiful Stella over, Stanton is forced to marry another woman, a rich orphan girl. When, the same day of his marriage, he goes to visit the waitress, he finds her with another man, and the next morning he discovers that the girl has been killed. Stanton is accused for the murder and he'll remain a fugitive for a while until, one day, he returns to Pop's Eats. After carrying out some investigation, he now knows the truth behind Stella's murder.
All actors – Alice Faye, Dana Andrews, Linda Darnell, Charles Bickford, Anne Revere, Bruce Cabot, John Carradine, Percy Kilbride, , Dorothy Adams, Robert Adler, Herbert Ashley, Matthew 'Stymie' Beard, Betty Boyd, Chet Brandenburg, Paul E. Burns, Chick Collins, Jimmy Conlin, Franklyn Farnum, Gus Glassmire, William Haade, Dick Haymes, Olin Howland, Adele Jergens, Tiny Jones, J. Farrell MacDonald, George Magrill, Leila McIntyre, Mira McKinney, Frank McLure, Dave Morris, Horace Murphy, William H. O'Brien, Frank O'Connor, Broderick O'Farrell, Garry Owen, Paul Palmer, Harry Strang, Brick Sullivan, Hal Taggart, Hal Taliaferro, Max Wagner, Martha Wentworth
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  • - June Mills: I need you, Eric.
    - Eric Stanton: [sarcastically] You need me, right.
    - June Mills: You're my husband, and I'm your wife.
    - Eric Stanton: Right out of a book, again.
    - June Mills: Yes, out of a book: "We were born to tread the earth as angels, to seek out heaven this side of the sky. But they who race above shall stumble in the... (continue)
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    Alice Faye - June Mills
    Dana Andrews - Eric Stanton
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  • “- Eric Stanton: I made it clear to you when I took this job. You can't tie me down. Cramps my style. I always work best when a certain feeling comes over me, and right now I haven't got it.
    - Joe Ellis: [under his breath] Genius!
    - Professor Madley: Eric my boy, you're an artist. You have my sympathy. And a bus ticket on the firm.”

    Dana Andrews - Eric Stanton
    Alice Faye - June Mills
    John Carradine - Professor Madley
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  • “Don't smile. Your face looks better without it.”

    Dana Andrews - Eric Stanton
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  • “- Eric Stanton: Twenty-one, the Stork Club, that's where you belong - smothered in mink!
    - Stella: And do you see me with a ring on my finger? Someone to give me a home?”

    Dana Andrews - Eric Stanton
    Linda Darnell - Stella
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