“Family Business” quotes

Movie Family Business
Sidney Lumet directed this movie in 1989
Title Family Business
Year 1989
Director Sidney Lumet
Genre Drama, Crime
Plot – Vito McMullen is a 43-year-old wealthy meat wholesaler. He's truly loved by his wife Elaine but he often argues with his son Adam, who has left university and lives with Christine, a woman older than him. Adam loves his grandfather Jessie and confides him the plan for a theft. Jessie wants to participate but they need a third accomplice, so they propose the theft to Vito, who firstly threatens to report them, then he's persuaded to participate. The plan is successful but Adam triggers accidentally the alarm and the police arrests him. Vito is desperate and decides to report himself and to return the stolen goods. When Jessie is sentenced, Adam is furious with his father, then the old man dies in jail and Adam and Vito only reconcile themselves at Jessie's funeral.
All actors – Sean Connery, Dustin Hoffman, Matthew Broderick, Rosanna DeSoto, Janet Carroll, Victoria Jackson, Bill McCutcheon, Deborah Rush, Marilyn Cooper, Salem Ludwig, Rex Everhart, James Tolkan
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